Electric Hummer pick up truck teaser pic


The new Hummer has removable roof panels, which drives me nuts. I don't even like sunroofs. All that glass is going to make a big greenhouse which you will need to run the AC to cool and heat, which comes out of your range. Why can't we have a solid roof with a solar panel to extend range?
Maybe I’m alone in this, but I think that is awesome they put a removable roof in this. Doubt it will have any meaningful hit on range. Even if it does, they will probably come out with opaque and/or solar panels for future models. Or aftermarket people will jump on that.

But too spendy for me. I’m not forking out $120k on a truck.


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I was watching the commercial and wondered why they were showing a rivian... then I realized that was the hummer. So they are bold enough to closely copy the rivian design (which I guess is par for the course now) they are bold enough to copy the jeep/bronco removable hardtops, but they wont show their truck passing a dodge or ford or something? The hummer has to pass another GMC product? I mean, even if they debadged a generic older truck...

So many people talk about limited range, I'm looking at barely getting 200 miles per tank in my frontier now that I'm throwing an 02 code, thats down from the whopping 342 it had when it was brand spankin new with zero modifications. Sure jerry cans are sort of cheap, but they take up space, eat up my available payload, may leak, may slosh, seem to always attract dirt/grime and each one is only an additional 50 or so miles.


Guess depends on the use. For 99% of drivers, and day trip off road, the range should be enough.

For longer expedition type trips, where I may put in 500 miles a day connecting to the next leg, it is a LOT more convenient to fill a gas tank.

Here in BC, which is the closest thing to the wild West along with Alaska, there are no DC fast chargers where I go. A Chilcotin back country trip I planned was 10 day deep into the bush. I carry a 320L Tidy tank in my bed. On a Hummer EV I'd have to carry 200L and run a 9000w generator...

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I don't know that it is bad for the intended demo but the styling is so bad for me. This would be so much better if they didn't have to be married to the whole Hummer lineage. Its just looks like a cheezy Hummer you can't see out of.