Electric Connection Question: Marinco 3 pin - Battery Separator - battery - 7 pin


Hi all,

I just picked up a 1996 Northern Lite 6'10" Cabover. This replaces our Ford Coachmen van which replaced our Four Wheel Eagle Camper.

Stoked to go back to a cab over and the mobility of a Tacoma.

Tacoma: has the female Marinco 3 pin already wired in the bed, from 4WC
Northern Lite Camper: Standard 7 Pin, (the previous owner said he hooked up a deep cycle battery to run his inside lights during trips)

Go from the 3 pin Marinco, to a battery separator, to a battery, to the camper. Basically duplicate how my 4WC was set up, but with the battery and separator outside.

1 - Is this possible and is the order above correct?
2 - Sure Power 1314-100: Is this the correct separator to accomplish what I need? I think this is what I had in my 4WC. It worked as it should have. I'll take suggestion for another brand if needed.
3 - I could't find a thread on this. If one exists, please share.

I don't know anything about electric so this might be over my head. No idea until...



Tail-End Charlie
1. Sure it's possible. The order you listed would work. You would need a control wire (ignition hot) to energize the solenoid in the isolator to tie the batteries when the engine is running. Does that 3 wire running to the bed have that?

2. Blue Sea makes them, also Samlex and National Luna. Lots of people here use and like both the Blue Sea and the NL. The Samlex is sort of a recent addition to the market, but I'm personally liking the looks of it.

3. http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/6112-Sure-Power-Battery-Separator-Interconnect-Model-1314-200