Electric Chain Saw???


Gas Stihl. I think the battery saws from Stihl are good and would serve well but are costly. Stihl has an economical homeowner line gas saw that is perfect for this. The bottom end battery saw is $299.00 The MS170 gas saw $179.00. A quart of the Stihl pre mix and motor oil for the bar. Just run it a couple times a year and it will last forever. The key to keeping it running is to not run ethonol fuel. Run recreational fuel or the Stihl premix which has the best shelf life.
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A battery powered sawzall with a pruning blade is no chainsaw but a versatile alternative unless your goal is to cut down trees. I have 4 chainsaws and use the sawzall more than the chainsaws unless I am cutting a tree down. Try one out before you buy a chainsaw. Having several different battery systems for different tools gets very expensive and wasteful. You can get 12v chargers for Milwaukee 18v batteries and I am sure with other premium brands and charge your batteries while driving.


I’m a lawn and garden dealer and sell both. The electric saws are for real. I sell Stihl, Husqvarna and the Oregon electric. I keep up most of the motorcycle trails around and keep at least 2 saws with a axe in my Jeep at all times. I recently started using an electric and it will cut just as well as a small to medium gas saw plus I don’t have to keep restarting the saw doing trail work.
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One extra benefit with the battery powered one in addition to just pull the trigger and they are on, is how quiet they are compared to the gas.


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Interesting thread. While visiting my brother in law tonight I noticed he had a Stihl MS 261 and I have been eyeballing that model for years. It looks like a nifty little saw.

Coachgeo...do gas saws need to be winterized? I had planned to keep my saw in the Jeep year round. Freezing or not.
Just use ethanol-free gas and it will be fine.


Man, I'm really torn about which way to go. Something tells me that I'm going to wind up with one of each to evaluate. ;)
I am not sure if anyone mentioned it, but you do still need bar oil with the Dewalt battery chainsaw. So it isn’t lubricant free. Just wanted you to be aware.


Having a tree service for over 20 years has given me a fairly good idea of what saws work, and doesn't.

If you dont use your gas saw every day, then run it dry between times you do use it. Add stabil to your fuel supply. Only use the best saw mix available and high octaine gas.
All gas saws will leak at some point, usually the bar oil.
Learn to be obsessive about keeping the chain sharp. It is easier on the saw, and is much safer. A saw is not a ditch witch, keep it out of the dirt!

The electric saws have come a long way. Stihl and husky make a true pro saw. Buy the larger battery packs.
These PRO electric saws are basically the same price as theIr gas counterparts
Batteries wear out faster than gas engines

For occasional trail clearing, you need a bar greater than the standard 16" which the climbing saws come with. For smaller campsite firewood 16" is plenty

Personally some of the cheaper electric saws are fine for the weekend camper but a bow saw, hand saw, and axe work fine also.

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I appreciate the input from everyone. I was a cabinet installer for 15 years and have spend a lot of time running electric and battery powered saws (usually with all the safety equipment removed). Perhaps this is why I'm so hesitant to purchase a gas-powered saw. The idea of grabbing a battery powered saw and "just cutting something" seems right to me. Fooling around with fuel is just an alien concept.

Haven't made up my mind though. I have a feeling that buying a good gas saw and learning how to deal with it can solve my wood-cutting problem for decades.


BTW if you buy a gas saw and are an occasional user package premix is the best investment you can make. It has a 3 year shelf life and saws run better and start easier with it. Any brand is fine, Stihl and Husqvarna have their own but VP or Trufuel are fine also. There are just a few companies in the US that package them all. I work on saws every day and fuel related issues are far and away they biggest problem we run into. Pump fuel even non-ethanol has a very short shelf life. If you are a heavy user but have to store the saw I suggest using it during storage. Fill the tank with it and run it long enough to get in the carb.
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I was skeptical of battery operated tools for anything heavy until I got a bigger dewalt impact and the some electric Hurst Jaws of Life at work. I am not skeptical anymore.


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The ego electric chainsaw is so great I haven't pulled my Stihl out in probably two years. Still leaks bar oil but super low maintenance and I appreciate being able to keep it in the truck with no fumes. As others have said if you do go gas buy canned fuel and save yourself the headache of fighting to keep the engine going.

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