Electric Bike And Drone


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I was at my local field flying this morning when I ran into a S&R person and we started talking. This got me thinking that some of the tech I use may be usable for S&R. I fly both multirotor and fixed wing drones. Combined with my electric bike I have a 40 mile ride range with drone launch ( Fixed or multirotor ) at any point. I also have a portable fixed wing canard that folds up and is carry-able by bike. Passing on the info in the hopes that someone may be able to use it. I don't know of anyone else who has combined electric bikes with fixed wing drones.

Bike is a Bafang 1000w. 40 mile petal assist range. Uses lipo batteries.
Plane - see pics - Uses APM autopilot
Multirotor - Any small drone will do.




I had considered a hub motor for the front of my Montague Paratrooper, making it effectively a 2wd bike... even toyed with the idea of powering both ends.
Between that and something stow-able, like a Mavic Pro or my XJ470 (properly built for compactness), I can see this being a very effective way of getting some really good aerial
help... I don't know about the Mavic, but my XJ would be able to carry/drop a small survival kit and radio if the search subject was found and couldn't be reached quickly.