El Tablazo I and II -the rollover trip


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Edit actually just trip II- but can't change the title anymore !

Following on from the autopista de fango - Motor way of mud we did two recent trips to El tablazo near Subachoque Cundenimarca

About an hour outside of Bogota- its a slab of a mountain- a bit similar to the worlds end trail near moab

the diferences are the alititude and that deep black slippery soil which cunningly finds its way into every Trocha arround here

The pics should show the story

Trip I was a relatively straight forward expedition with no casualties and nice dry weather

Trip II started off fine- then we rolled one truck at the start- another one half way up and another on the way back down-----it rained and hailed late afternoon the route turned into a river and the black soil into grease- we had no control - slipping sliding with brakes and hand brakes on you still moved downwards with no control

the wife walked with my 4 year old- it was too scarry and dangerous in the truck- we emerged from the trail at 11pm filthy damaged and relieved that every one got out with any one being hurt.

I was really proud of my daughter even walking you would slip and fall every few feet she smilled and giggled and really held it together in awfull conditions, I had Rafa drive my truck in some sections as I need to stay and assist my family down the hill in the rain.

Rafa's truck is the LC on 40's which he rolled on its side on the way down where he slid out of control dropping down into a deep ditch

I wished for a winch in the back of my truck for this trip- the off camber greasy hill was probably my most scary offroad trip to date

safety first I even let Rafa drive instead of me in the worst places as he has more experience in these conditions.

My family at the start

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My daughter Scarlet and our two quadrapeds Diesel and Gunther

good people and a good lunch


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You know your high when the clouds are below you !

My daughter - a little trooper 10ish at night 1/2 way down

quick change for a spare

Rafa's truck on its side

somebody got a headache when the went over


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and the view from the end a basicly vertical cliff down - when the clouds are'nt in the way !