Eezi-Awn XKLUSIV 2200 Tent Nashville, Tennessee


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Hello Everyone,
I have an Eezi-Awn XKLUSIV 2200 tent (with annex). The tent was purchased new from Equipt in March of 2016, it was shipped to OK4WD where it was mounted to my XVenture XV2, which I took delivery of in May of 2016.

More information about the tent is available at:

The tent has been slept in about 20 nights total and has been stored in my garage since I received the trailer. The tent is in great condition except: One of the brackets for the arm over the tent extension/annex is broke, Equipt sent me a new bracket, I just haven’t taken the trailer out, set up the tent, and fixed it. All that needs to be done are a couple of pop rivets need to be drilled out, the old bracket needs to be removed and the new one put into place and pop riveted.

New price for the tent is over $5300, I am selling this one for $4000. It is located in Nashville, so you would need to come get it or arrange for shipping.
Thank you,