Eezi Awn 1000 vs ARB awning


Trying to decide between the Eezi Awn 100 or ARB's aluminum awning. Both in the 2.5 length.
Both are pretty light which is a big plus for me. just thinking about the awning alone i like the Eezi awn a little more, looks a little more sturdy, and would look great on my van in black. the only thing i dont like is the options for walls. you can get a whole tent for around 250 for the arb, or a single wall for under 100. the Eezi Awn option for 3 walls in my length is 800, which is out of the question at least for awhile.

are there single wall or other options for the Eezi Awn that I havent seen? all i need for now is a single wall, maybe 2, if i could find a solution thats somewhat cheap i'd probably go with the Eezi.

other than that, anyone have experience with both that would care to compare them? or any other options im not considering?