Edged Tools? What do you use?


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Got a Mora in the 110, a Mora in the kitchen box and a Mora in the toolbox. Also got one I made in the kitchen box. Use a small Opinel for the pocket and carry a Gerber Diesel. Also got an ex MoD machete and a parang in the 110 as well as a Silky Fox and a Sandvik mid size felling axe


Les Stroud Bushman axe, Spyderco Centofane folder daily carry, various fixed blade hunters, got a bunch of them. Couple favorites are two David Boye dendritic steel drop point blades, and a custom Damascus spear point with blue/green paua shell handle made by a friend in Colorado.


Nothing fancy here:

EDC: Gerber partially serrated skeleton frame pocket knife (Paratrooper?)

Hunting/camping knives: Buck 119 (easy to clean, mentioned above, and 6" fixed blade), Buck 110 (classic folding), Buck Omni Hunter? (easy to clean rubber handle and fixed blade w/guthook), Cold Steel throwing knife (paracord wrapped handle, heavy, holds an edge, easy to clean), Harbor Freight hatchet, Estwing hatchet, random old farm ax I refreshed, and a cheap machete I was given.

I want to make a new machete soon, something heavy enough it doesn't flex or bend on me, and cuts thicker stuff. I want something that will take my leg off if I miss hahaha.

Most of this is in my Jeep or in my pack depending on what Im doing at the time. I am looking to get another rack to carry an ax and shovel on my trailer build as well.


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for a machete, ColdSteel is making a lot of heavy duty choppers in various 'melee' styles. But beware, their website seems to be blown up right now.

nothing fancy / expensive. Spyderco Endura, Gerber multitool, fresh edge grinds on an E-Tool and full-sized long fiberglass handled shovel. A full size axe and a hatchet. A cheap machete that has a nice rubber handle on it. A folding pull saw. And my old service Kabar and bayonets. I think I've got 'edged tools' covered.
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Weekday EDC - Baladéo Laguiole or Opinel No. 8 walnut. Classy for the workplace, still useful tools.

Weekend EDC - Grands Espaces Laguiole. Half-serrated, very wide grip. Secondary saw blade.

Camping - Morakniv with fire starter Very sharp, solid grip, built-in fire starter.

Survival / go-bag - Smith and Wesson tanto. Owned for a decade. Great, solid feel and takes a good edge. Glass breaker on the pommel. Additional backup karambit.

Vehicle / camping axe - Fiskars splitting axe. Lightweight, strong, holds a great edge. Folding saw not pictured, but goes with the axe.

Really want to get a good quality splitting axe with a hickory handle that I can pass down to my son, and the same with a machete or a woodman's pal.

P.S. Nice thread revival! :ylsmoke:

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For me;
a Victornox Tinker in the pocket,
nearly any 3 to 3.5" lock back folder in the pack (or nearly any medium fixed blade in the cook kit); as long as an knife is easy to sharpen and will hold a shaving sharp edge moderately well, its good enough.
In each vehicle; a Svensaw, a G.I. trifold E-tool and either a G.I. mini pick mattock or G.I. mat-ax. (On snow runs a #2 sand shovel and possibly a spade).

An ax/hatchet has little personal application for me, never needed/wanted one for wood while backpacking or Jeep camping or, since I don't frequent the jungle, any form of machete... tried many, see little to no need (not enough to justify the weight/vehicle storage)... If I need to cut more wood than the Svensaw can handle I use a chainsaw.
Use what you like that works for you.

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i wear a kershaw 1080 skinning knife on my belt every day, dont really own any axes besides a cheap splitter, for a hatchet i keep in my trailer its a gerber small light weight hatchet.


EDC is a Benchmade Griptilian

On the trail I carry a ESEE Izulu II or ESEE 3 on my belt

In the rig
Granfor Bruks SFA

When I'm hunting I add a Havalon and 3 extra blades.

I cringe when I see poorly made or designed knives. Good knives are not that expensive and can last a lifetime when properly cared for. I'm biased, but unless you're using it to kill large game a blade over 3-4" is a waste in a fixed blade. If you want to chop stuff use a ax or machete.