Econoline Hi Top or Pop Top / Penthouse


Tail-End Charlie
Did you ever get a chance to measure your van’s height?
Ah...sorry, no. I couldn't find my bloody measuring tape (the long one that is, I found the three-footer) then something came up and it completely slipped my mind.

Thanks for the reminder, I'll take another shot at it this weekend.


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My van has a Fiberine 24" with optional inner tub. Inside height is 6'2" in the center. I'm 6'4" but as long as I don't stand with military posture, my head doesn't hit anything except the crank on the roof vent.
Is the 24” measured from the rain gutter?

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Tail-End Charlie
So...okay...I forgot all about this. Until today when I had my tape measure in hand measuring something else and had a niggling feeling I was forgetting something...


But yea, outside - 24" from the rain gutter / lowest point where the original roof was. Inside - 22" to that same point (from highest part of inner tub).