Ecco shoes and boots?

Anyone have or use the ECCO brand shoes for overlanding? I have a pair of their shoes the i wear to work and the have some aggressive tread and are quite comfortable. they arent the cheapest shoes out there, but would be curious as to their ruggedness.
I've got a pair of Ecco Walkathons from literally 20 years ago. They aren't hikers but they're the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. I still wear them as travel shoes whenever I know I'll be on my feet all day. They don't make them anymore and apparently they've moved all their shoes to a different last so I haven't looked at anything current that they have.
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I have had great luck with their shoes, sandals and golf shoes. I have not bought any for the past 4 years so maybe their quality has gone down hill?
Sounds like the shoes that are having issues with the soles falling apart are the dress shoes. The ones I have are rubber and after 3 years of wearing them off and on, they hardly show wear at all.
I've always liked how comfortable my Ecco shoes have been. Two pair off mine, casual and golf shoes both recently disintegrated. Soles just crumbled and fell apart. Shoes had many years on them but should have lasted awhile longer. Not sure if they have fixed the problem of if they happen with their hikers.
I had a pair of their dress shoes and the sole disintegrated on mine too after about two years. Another pair of dress shoes is fine after three years.

The comfort is outstanding, but longevity is iffy.

Mine were rubber sole chukka boots, the sole looked similar to a Vibram gum lite but was marked Ecco. Comfortable boots. For what its worth, the same thing happened with a pair of Clarks
I learned a long time ago not to trust any dress shoe that wasn't classic construction. Pay more on the front end and get something made by an old school company like Alden or C&J. Learn how to take care of them and they'll last your entire life.

For hiking & walking shoes, I've had decent luck with the lighter weight Lowas lately. I have a pair of their heavier hiking shoes as well, but they're stiff as can be and just don't want to soften up no matter how much I wear them.