Eating crow....2018 Ram Power Wagon build


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Well, after all of the back and forth over the past months on how I'd prefer the Power Wagon to be a diesel and that I'd seriously consider owning one if it were, well I am eating those words now. The misses started looking at them after she saw me responding in Power Wagon threads and they caught her eye. She grew up on a farm in a small town in Texas and they were a die hard Dodge family so I think part of the appeal is for nostalgia reasons, but that's ok with me. She was sitting patiently waiting for the delivery call on the TRD Pro 4Runner we ordered a month or so ago when last weekend she said she wanted to go look at a Power Wagon, needless to say, I was surprised by this request. As you all know, they aren't the easiest of truck to find new or used. After a few searches online I found only two used and two new within a three hours drive. The used ones were asking as much as the new trucks so we decided to go with a new truck. The two we found couldn't have been more different. One was loaded to the max and in a color she didn't care for and the other was more of a base model trim, but in her favorite color. After a 2.5 hour drive to the dealer to drive it and check it out in person, we secured the truck and made arrangements to return this Friday
(tomorrow morning) to take delivery.

Immediate plans as of right now are to slap some 37's on the factory wheels along with some Thuren 1.5" front coils, Thuren/King steering stabilizer, White Knuckle Sliders, and Dethloff Engine/Tranny skid. Eventually I'd like to add some aftermarket wheels, other Thuren bits, AEV intake/snorkel, front bumper, Baja Designs lights, and some sort of rack or camper. The dealer had the local Line-X spray the bed earlier this week as an extra perk at my request. I would have preferred to have the leather and cooled/heated seats as well as the keyless entry and push button start/stop, but the vinyl PW themed seats are still better than a standard cloth. In the end we got the truck for under $50K brand new and I'll take those extra savings off of sticker over having nicer seats and the ability to open my door without clicking a remote for $5K+ more haha.

The misses is pretty excited as she's become accustom to sitting up higher in the Super Duty and she feels safer because of it, this truck will afford her the same security and with plenty of room and power from the big Hemi. Now I have to decide if I should continue to build my Super Duty or switch all focus to the Power Wagon and make it our over lander, in all honesty, that's the way I am leaning. I'll be sure to post some pics upon delivery tomorrow and I'll keep this thread updated as the build progresses.


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"Hey honey, i want to go look at new power wagons and get one. But only if we can put 37s on it!" Said no wife ever. This story sounds like more fantasy than penthouse forums. Lol.

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She drives my Super Duty a few days a week, it sits on 37's, the last Super Duty we had also sat on 37's, she's grown accustom to the height/look. She survived a deadly wreck in which she lost her older sister and has since been very uneasy about smaller vehicles, it's a mental thing, but I don't push it, I just stay supportive. Her first comment after looking at it last weekend was that she thought the stock tires looked small and mentioned we should change them and in all honesty every one here thinks the same thing because its true. She'd likely be happy with a slightly bigger tire i.e. 35's, but I am taking this opportunity to slap some 37's on and she said as long as its similar to my truck she's fine with it. So hate on a mans build thread all you want, but that's kind of pathetic if you ask me.


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Congratulations on the Powerwagon purchase. I looked at them quite a bit when I bought my 2500, very cool trucks!