Easter Jeep Concepts: The Wayout


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Ok, all the concepts are awesome, but that Wayout is incredible.

Of course we’re going to start with the Wayout, how could we not? According to FCA it’s a “ true overlanding vehicle that takes advantage of the all-new Gladiator’s class-leading payload to allow adventure-seekers to go far off the beaten path,” which I’d have to agree with. Here’s what I love about this truck, besides how obviously cool it looks. Unlike most of the previous EJS concepts, you will pretty much be able to build this Jeep for yourself. It’s painted in Gator Green which will be available as a factory paint color. It utilizes an Autohome Maggiolina tent, albeit painted tan, and a custom bed rack with integrated ladders that will almost certainly be available through the aftermarket in no time flat. The 270 degree awning is pretty standard too, but with amber LED “task lights” to help you setup camp after a long day on the trail.

The ARB on-board air system is already available, and the body-mounted quick disconnect air line makes it easy to refill your tires after dropping pressure for difficult or rough terrain. Then there’s the suspension, wheels, and tires which once again will almost certainly be repeatable for any consumer. A Jeep performance parts lift kit raises this Gladiator 2″ over stock which helps it clear 37″ mud terrains wrapped around a gorgeous set of 17″ steel wheels. Seriously, between this and the Africa concept we’re going to need these wheels. A 12,000 pound Warn Winch is tucked into the front steel bumper, and a set of IPF Xtreme LED lights are present for improved visibility on those late night runs to camp. Of course, an overland concept wouldn’t be complete without a snorkel right?

In addition to the bed rack, the roof is sporting a custom set of rails for housing additional cargo on long adventures. There’s also a Mopar and Decked bed drawer system installed, which keeps your gear organized and easily accessible, not to mention safe and dry. There are bed lined floors to resist dirt and make the interior easier to clean, plus a very cool set of brown leather seats with laser-etched inserts of topographical maps. Unfortunately FCA did not provide interior images yet, so we have to wait on showing you those.

The only aspects of this build I feel will remain in the land of concept trucks are the auxiliary fuel tanks integrated into the bedsides. These would extend the Jeep’s range, and looks awesome, but probably require too much modification to make them realistic. Besides, I wouldn’t love the idea of someone rear-ending my Jeep and smashing two fuel cans into the vehicle. Yikes.

In case you’re wondering, there is not a diesel under the hood of this truck. The Wayout is powered by the venerable 3.6-liter Pentastar engine and mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission.

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Yep, that is where I got all the information from. I posted the link to the homepage article in the original post. Then I found additional pictures over on jeepgladiatorforums.com


Maaaaaaaan, the Gladiator looks so much better on 37s. Dang it; just when I'd convinced myself I'd be better off by keeping my JKR for offroad fun and getting a RAM 1500 for hauling toys than buying a Gladiator, I see this. 🤔


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I'm going to have to agree with Beowolf of this one. The Wayout might just be the coolest Jeep Gladiator that I have seen yet. Looks especially good and functional with the DECKED system in it. However, if we could figure out how to get a DECKED system into that M-715 Five-Quarter, I might be swayed into recasting my vote.
Whatever Gladiator that you end up with, you won't have a problem fitting your DECKED system, as we are now a Genuine Mopar
Part. Check out this blog post we did last week about the history of Jeep trucks and our involvement in the newest incarnation!