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The missing segment
3 months after I completed the above sections of the EMHT, I decided to run the section I skipped, as I had some time on my way to Death Valley. This missing segment starts at the Valley Wells Slag Heap mentioned in post #19, and travelling clockwise ends at Cow Cove north of Aiken Mine. Just this little appendage from my track in Gaia:slag.jpg

Heading East from Valley Wells, I took a spur to explore the Copper World Mine. Some very interesting remains are to be found there according to various reports, I only found the copper ore tailing piles, and several mine cuts through the hillsides.

The next day I ran into the location between Carbonate King Mine (near Kokoweef Peak) and Piute Valley where large rocks were pulled onto the EMHT route and painted "private". This is at 35.42844, -115.49816. Then I checked out the Evening Star Headframe just off of the EMHT, and the hauntingly beautiful remnants of the Dome Fire in the Joshua tree forest in Shadow Valley.dome fire.jpg

I was also able to do the 3mile round trip hike to the peterogliphs north of Aiken Mine that I had missed on the original trip. And with that, the route was completed!
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