East Coast Road Trip (April 21-May 8)&(June28-July18) through 32 US States with my 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid...

Yesterday, I went to George Washington's Mount Vernon. It was very interesting.
Where his remains lie.

Then from there, I drove to Richmond, VA to visit the famous Maymount Mansion and the Japanese garden.

Today, I went to the Naval Base Station in Norfolk, VA. This is the world's biggest Naval Base.

Imagine to my surprise seeing a destroyer with the same number I have on my car; 66.

Meet the USS Gonzalez (DDG-66). The Destroyer!

You can Google it (USS Gonzalez DDG-66) to read more about it. So, permit me share a lot of pictures I took with it because it was a pleasure seeing this in person and it having same number as my car.



Great trip. Thanks for sharing.
I laughed at the Illinois welcome sign with the rest stop exit. I'm surprised it wasn't closed( I'm from Illinois).
Be safe,
Drove from Louisville, KY today to Springfield, MO. Had to stop at all the major attractions along route 66.

Entrance to Route 66 State Park. A hidden germ of a park. Very beautiful park.

Route 66 attractions from Springfield, MO to Oklahoma City, OK.

This was a very cool spot. In the middle of nowhere.

Red Oak. An amazing place to visit. The person who built this recently passed away.

Court house in Carthage, MO

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Nice to see you doing your annual trip. Going to miss your QX56 roadtrip report. One of my buddy already newly acquired a honda accord hybrid too. I got to check out the vehicle. Pretty cool ride.

If you ever go north to Boston, let me know. I can be your local guide for New England area.
Since I did some attractions yesterday at night, I decided to go see them again during the day today along with the other attractions I had planned for today.
Round Barn


Route 66 Interpretive Center

Golden Driller

Blue Whale

This is how I keep my drone as I drive around when I plan to use it. I have 3 batteries. I keep my drone fully extended and ready with my dji smart controller. When I stop somewhere, I just install a battery in and I am up and flying pretty fast. When done flying, I get into the car, remove battery from drone and connect it to the charger so it can be charging. At the next stop, I use the second fully charged battery. If I stop for atleast 3 times, all 3 batteries get used.