Easing into family adventure...


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Over the last few weeks, my wife and I have decided to commit more of our time to explore the area around us. We are fortunate enough to live in Arkansas, close to the Ouachita National Forest and not far from the Ozark National Forest.

We are starting close to home and will begin working our way into longer adventures. We've only gone on day trips to this point. I have two young children so that makes certain parts more challenging, but it's an amazing thing to see them appreciating the natural world.

I've enjoyed reading this forum for a while and finally became a member. I hope to share some of my adventures with you and learn from those more experienced.

Here is some footage from our recent trip exploring the Winona Auto Tour Scenic Drive.


Anyone with a vehicle can access these sites. Some require hiking, but it's not overly strenuous.



Good to see your report. I used to do a bit of backwoods driving near White Rock. Arkansas is a pretty state....particularly in the winter when the leaves and bugs are gone.