EarthRoamer XV-JP "Northwest Edition"

Recommended books for Overlanding

999 Days Around Africa: The Road Chose Me
by Dan Grec, Dan Grec
From $19.95
Crossing the Congo: Over Land and Water in a Hard Place
by Mike Martin, Chloe Baker, Charlie Hatch-Barnwell
From $25.95
Lone Rider
by speth Beard
From $19.95
Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why
by Laurence Gonzales
From $9.99


Custom Builder
Pull-out Bed...

Realizing that sleeping on the floor, size-wise was OK, it felt like a coffin...

The pull-out above the front end has 300# rated slides that extend 36... The overall pull-out is 7' long by about 48" wide... The supplemental bed support makes sleeping overhead a luxury if you are flexible enough to do it... The views from the roof windows are better than expected...

In the photos below my just-turned-68 year-old life-mate shows the easy way to do it...

So simple, so easy...


Custom Builder
New Battery...

The unpredictability of the old battery had me concerned... I will sleep better knowing that a new battery is in place...



Custom Builder

The covered front window had spotty GPS and Satellite radio reception... New antennas in full exposure help stay "connected"...