EarthRoamer XV-JP for SALE!!!


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Please visit earthroamerxv-jpforsale(dot)com for all of the specifications, more photos, contact info., etc.!
*Located in Longmont, CO.*
​Model: 2008 EarthRoamer XV-JP
Base Vehicle: Jeep Rubicon
VIN #: *1J8GA69168L508647*
​Color: Dark Forest Green
Mileage: 17,233 miles (New hemi engine installed after appx. 11,000 miles in 2016)
Asking Price: $68,500 OBO

Note from the Owner:
I purchased this vehicle (new) in 2009. Original owner. Original purchase price with the 4.0 standard Jeep engine: appx $120,000.

After using for some trips into the mountains in Colorado I could tell the engine was severely underpowered given the additional weight of the Earthroamer aftermarket RV enhancements.

I used the Jeep sparingly until AEV in conjunction with Boulder Based Pollard Jeep was able to completely replace the engine and suspension (and other items noted on schedule) with a 5.7 liter Hemi which was a huge game changer terms of power and performance.

Please Note:
The Air ride/Lift system which I bought with the Jeep: I disconnected and replaced with the much improved AEV suspension. The Air Ride system proved very problematic and I also did not like the way the vehicle rode and handled with it.
The Jeep was built to be able to use water for the sink, toilet, and shower. My experience with the infrastructure that ER built for the water line created an annual service problem which was expensive and annoying to fix. Additionally you need to winterize quickly in early fall to avoid freeze/lockup when you are camping off the grid. In my opinion the pipes and fittings/connections would twist, or torque too much and the seal(s) were not adequate enough to ensure the integrity of the lines. So- I drained the water tank and lines and do not use anymore. I carry extra water for the sink and toilet. It works fine for me. Simple. No maintenance, and no winterizing/de-winterizing…. although someone industrious might want to fire the system up again and re-seal the lines.
The front bumper has some rust I would be willing to either deduct the price to fix it, or I can take to a body shop and repair it upon the title/transfer/sale of the Earthroamer.

This vehicle is a riot to play with and has been extremely maintenance free with the exception of the two items noted above. We have converted to a camper-style unit and don't use the ER as much anymore. Trying to downside and make more room in our garage.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

​(Options and Upgrades)
5.7 L Hemi V8
Interior roll cage
1 solar panel
Upgraded warn winch
AEV Beadlocking wheels
4 CFM at 90 PSI engine driven air compressor with tank

(Recovery and Protection)
​Heavy duty steel front bumper with integrated winch mount and three-inch diameter heavy wall grill guard.
Warn 9.0 RC front winch with 50 feet of 3/8" diameter wire cable
Heavy duty steel rear bumper with swing out tire, and hi lift jack carrier
EarthRoamer transfer case/camper battery/exhaust skid plate.

HID high beam driving lights mounted on bumper
Halogen fog lamps mounted in bumper
Four PIAA 600 HD driving lights (off-road use only) mounted on over-cab camper body

(Camping Body)
​Strong, lightweight, balsa core composite laminate body permanently mounted to Jeep chassis
Camper over-cab area provides for interior storage as well as mounting for solar panel and off-road lights
Camper body painted to match Jeep body color
Lockable billet fuel and water doors

Electric motor operated Loftop opens to provide almost 9 ft of stand up height
Queen size bed (58" X 77")
European-designed plastic spring sleep system

Seating/sleeping capacity for two
Collapsible internal shower/privacy curtain
Lightweight composite camper cabinet with collapsible storage bins (appx. 6 cubic feet)
Over-cab storage area with integrated counter and custom fit storage containers ( appx. 7.5 cubic feet)​​
Hinged access panel in floor opens to reveal a recessed shower pan
Yes Essentials upholstery covering the seat cushions and walls
Commercial grade Plynyl floor covering
Two LED reading/task lights located at bench seat
3 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer with advanced "cold plate" technology

(Electrical System)
​80 watt Sharp solar panel
210 amp-hour AGM battery bank
Battery charge monitoring system
290 watt battery charger with 15 amp 110 VAC power inlet
Marine grade wiring, circuit protection and switches used throughout
Camper battery isolation system
12 VDC outlets in camper

(Heating and Ventilation Systems)
​​7500 BTU gasoline fueled forced air heater with thermostat
Dual pane acrylic windows with built in shades and bug screens
Thermostatically controlled, variable speed, rain sensing, reversable fan
​Screened windows in Loftop

​(Water System)

(Other Items)
AGM batteries
Battery charge monitoring system
Solar charging booster
Solar Panel
Air compressor and air tank
Cassette toilet
Water heater
Drinking water and waste water monitoring system
Cold plate refrigerator includes compressor, evaporator, controller, and components
Jeep body paint
Electric winches
Auxiliary fog, driving and off-road lights
Audio systems
Navigation systems
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Are there any of these still out there?
There was a guy right here trying to sell one early last summer. And I think it was this same vehicle as it also had an engine swap.

It was still unsold, I believe, about a month ago.
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