Earthroamer for world wide trip?


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I have an earthroamer XV-lts right now, have had it for 2 years or so. Love the truck, the system for keeping it warm in the snow (am a skier). We’re beginning to take a trip that will lead us around the world rather than just North America. The ER feels too big, but would love opinions on that. Doesn’t seem euro friendly along with many other areas, unfortunately. Two adults and a baby currently. Shower is important...

Should I be thinking of something else? What problems will I have with the Roamer? I’d love to be convinced the Roamer is ok but looking for honest feedback. Europe, South America, Africa, Asia.


A friend who has travelled by truck a lot reckoned any trip is a third driving, a third exploring while parked, and a third waiting (visas, ferries, parts etc). A big truck will give more freedom and time (capacity in water, food, power) in relative comfort for two thirds of a trip therefore. One third of the time you may be slightly restricted sometimes.
Our 9500kg 13' tall Unimog camper was a good balance from Sidi Ifni, to Akureyri, to The Pass of the Cattle for two us (emptying it's black tank was occasionally an issue but we only had a gravity system). Now three of us, our new old camper is bigger and there's only one place I can remember I might not take the new one. Old town centres in Europe might be asking for stress but why wouldn't I just be parking outside for a visit? Taxi!
Most Euro campers are 3500kg max and 6m long but most of them probably wouldn't aim at tight old twisty roads.
The off road capability we had combined with the time we could spend a long way from anywhere was often where the best memories were made. :)
What engine does your ER have? IMHO the 6.0 and maybe even the 6.4 are too unreliable for travel outside North America. Dick Smith had a nightmare experience with his in Mongolia.
If you have the more reliable 6.7 remember that you won’t find parts easily available outside NA. And if you’re planning travel outside NA, Australia and the EU consider emissions delete. Then you can use high sulfur fuel, high TBN oil and reliability will increase as long as you don’t soup up power.

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My concerns would be getting ULSD and parts/repair.

On the other hand. Why look for reasons not to. Just go and do.


North American pick ups have a large turning circle that can be an issue. Ford PU parts are hard to get in south America according to some fellow travelers. Low sulfur diesel is available but not everywhere so you need to be able to handle high sulfur low quality fuel. Will your engine run at high elevations (15000' and more)? or will it go into limp mode or worst yet just shut down? Forget Europe city centers, taxi and public transport is the best option. Size will not be an issue in South America.


There are thousands of big rigs exploring the world trouble free.
A drive to Cabo might seem like like a trip to the third world, but it is really just poor California south. You can get full insurance and ULSD and you don't have to deal with international shipping, so its probably a really good trip to start with. Try it and see how you feel.
If the insurance risk is too great consider a cheaper (not smaller) rig.


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Don’t count on ulsd in the southern region.. don’t expect def to be available anywhere.. get a delete kit if you want to stay down more than a month... California has gotten so crappy.. maybe 3rd world Mexico is not so far off in saying it is a poorer SoCal.. but it’s a lot lot lot poorer
My concern has been standing out, primarily. The ER has spoiled my family with systems and quality. Are there smaller options that stand out less that you'd recommend?


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Rich looking folks with out of country plates, lots of nice gear, and speaking a different language tend to stand out most places.
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As for European cities, I grew up over there, driving anything through Paris or London is a nightmare. Up in Scotland any camp ground you might want to stay at will be outside of the city any way and most places have "park and ride" areas on the outskirts, think large parking lot next to train/tram or bus. Europe has large box trucks that make deliveries all over, you will fit :)

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They have been driven around the world already, most notably a circumnavigation several years ago by an Australian gentleman. All of the emissions gear will need to be removed and bypassed with an "off road only" farm kit.

We drove one to Panama from Arizona. Yes, the size can be an issue, but there are always routes that support truck traffic, even in developing countries or in older cities with narrower roads.