Earthcrusier CORE DIY Chassis


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Yes it is! A pair of dual cabs set up to carry mountain bikes, packrafts, backpacks, and two duffels per student would be perfect perfect replacements for those old 8 passenger vans we used to use for summer-long field trips....



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This is great news and finally provides a modern, highly capable, turnkey cab-over 4x4 platform in the U.S. The recent switch by FUSO and Isuzu to the GM 6.0 liter gas and Allison transmission platforms provides for a level of reliability, customization, and third world travel abilities not seen on the diesel platforms. Although I am excited about this, it is disappointing that the OEMs can't offer a 4x4 model in the lineup. There is a LOT of cost that EarthCruiser must incur to do this conversion, and with well-deserved profit margin you are looking at over a $100K price tag. Compare this to a new Silverado HD 3500, 6.6 liter gas, 4WD, SRW truck for around $40K (and throw in another $5K for gears, tires, lift, etc). You pay a very handsome premium to lose that 5 feet of hood length.

I'd be interested to know if EarthCruiser can order these trucks from the OEMs without the axles, can return the axles to stock for credit, or otherwise sell them on the open market. If not, the the end-consumer is paying for 4 axles - 2 on the tuck and 2 in an Oregon scrapyard.

The EarthCruiser promo video has some good footage of the how the divorced transfer case is set up as well as axle and suspension close-ups.

I'm looking forward to seeing the box/habitat options. EarthCruiser is going to need a lot more space at Overland Expo to show off their new lineup. I can't wait to check them out.

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I’ve tried but failed to link with your build, what’s the best link to see how you put FIDO together?
Ps keep us posted on how the new springs work!