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Very Nice...

Any plan to add drop down steps on the cab for us older folks who might find that first step a little too much?

Our GXV Kenworth Patagonia has something like these added to the standard cab steps...


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Built both for a number of uses ( Bush fire brigade, emergency response, blast drill rigs for mines , high security prisoner transport etc) , Fuso has more usable room for 37 inch tyre in factory 4x4. In particular for the entry steps and cab tilt etc.
Isuzu did have some advantages early on, (pic is a South African EarthCruiser) in particular a very nice pre emission diesel in the 4x4, much better than the FUSO 3.9 . Not a big fan of the cab.
EarthCruiser 2009 stump.JPG
Isuzu built 2012 EarthCruiser 1.jpg
Isuzu built 2012 EarthCruiser 0.jpg


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Actually the first one is an EXP and the 2nd an FX. The EXP should be driveable early next week and the FX soon (we're running a skeleton crew in the workshop to keep everyone safe so things are naturally taking longer).

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