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Thank you chiming in.

Bit of a back story to the parts/acc and "custom" build question. As most know EarthCruiser is a second stage manufacture in Australia and United States, we are serious about compliance. Building production vehicles means our customers have access to decent insurance options and financing, and of course resale.

We have our sister company in the USA that takes care of after market and "custom" options. If your chasing bits or servicing, thats what they do.


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@mog... Some EarthCruiser IP must remain a secret. Just don't be shocked when we release our hovercraft :)
Hey, I could use a hovercraft up where I'm at. Is it going to be a FiXed or EXPandable model?

Please add me to your interested parties list, along with the electric air car and sub-orbital ballistic expedition vehicles list.


Founder and CEO of EarthCruiser


Founder and CEO of EarthCruiser
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This is next round of "pop up events" in the USA - one can see a theme in our chosen locations.

Nov. 1

10 Barrell

826 W Bannock St Boise ID 83702


Nov. 2

Boneyard Saloon & Wine Dive

125` Kearns Blvd park City, Utah 84060


Nov. 3

Upslope Brewing

1898 S. Flatiron Ct Boulder, Co 80301

Set up is 1pm, event starts at 2 but we don’t have to be there the whole time.

Nov. 13

Buckeye Beer Engine

15315 Madison Ave Lakewood, Ohio 44107


Nov. 16

Duel Brewing

1228 Parkway Dr Ste D Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507