E350 with 7.3 cutaway cube 4 season camper van for 35k OBO


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2000 ford E350 super duty cutaway chassis with 'Mobile concepts' fiberglass two piece shell converted into a 4 season camper van that I built and have lived in for the last 3 years. I built this rig to facilitate my passion for outdoor sports while also enabling me to advance my engineering career via remote work from this vehicle. It has a 12'x6'6" wide x 6'4" tall living area with 12'x8' modular roof rack made of 80/20 aluminum with at least a dozen movable tie downs that I have used to transport $60k+ in rowing shells. roof rack is flush mounted with the solar panels to stay fully usable. I (over)designed and built the front bumper to protect the vehicle in the event of a deer(or moose) strike and it houses the 16,500lb winch which adds a nice peace of mind in BFE though I have never had to use it. Tires are BFG all-terrain K02 that are pretty new. I bought the vehicle intending to 4x4 swap it but never ran into a situation where I actually needed it. With a quality set of tires and this much weight over the rear axle I have had no trouble cruising through 12+ inches of soggy snow and great confidence through many mountain passes. I have traveled this rig from coast to coast since I bought it. I have a light duty tow hitch installed that is rated up to 5000lb with 4 and 7 pin harness.
The interior is built with a intentionally open layout which is a game changer for space in vehicle of this size. Its the exact same footprint of a Sprinter 144 or transit van and still fits in a parking spot but it has tons of room to move about and oodles of storage for gear and tools. Multiple times I have road tripped with 5 people and 5+ bikes, its an amazingly versatile little space. The 'living room' area was designed to match the dimensions of a fullsize mattress and when the table and chair are tucked away this becomes walking space that I have found very useful for stand up working, indoor road biking, yoga, etc.

Chassis: 2000 ford E350 super duty cutaway chassis with 252,xxx miles. 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel. 9950lb GWV with factory SRW.
I put a significant effort into keeping up the truck to be ready for a cross country trip. which it is.​
at 230k miles I had the entire suspension and rear axle rebuild(Dana 70 full float). New 4000lb rear leaf springs with new bushings. all new rear axle bearings(wheel ends and differential) and new seals. Front suspension and steering was torn down by a professional truck shop and rebuild with all MOOG HD balljoints and steering linkages with steering stabilizer. Wheel bearing and brakes were also new on all corners at this time.​
at 200k injectors, glow plugs were replaced and turbo pedestal to solve a slight oil leak. Turbo was closely inspected at that time and checked out in good health. Exclusively rotella oil since this service.​

1,344 amp hour 12V AGM battery bank. Gigantic battery bank to support my full time off grid working and also run the block heater in a pinch.​
800W solar panels flush mounted to with the roof rack.​
Outback solar 80am solar controller​
1500 watt pure sine inverter from Sensata​
Dometic CF80 12 fridge. holds enough food for 2+ weeks without any type of rationing​
LED lights wired separately for living and bed areas​
2 port cigarette lighter for charging 12V electronics​
Blue sea automatic charging relay also charges while driving. This can also can be manually linked to starting batteries for a self jump start.​

-26 gallon tank potable water tank. all tanks and lines are in the box to stay safe from the cold.​
-Hot water comes from heat exchanger using engine coolant. It provides hot water all year round and does require running the engine for hot water.​
-Full time shower also doubles as a closet. Shower has 5'6" stand up height.​
-Webasto STC 2000 keeps the van very toasty all winter long. I have multiple times endured -40F nights in Minnesota and the van stayed warm and performed wonderfully.​
-Maxfan mounted to the front fairing does a good job evacuating the heat during the summer​
I would be happy to talk you through through the build and lessons I have learned while living in it. Vehicle is sold with a fresh oil change and a full tank of fuel to be move in ready for your adventure.

Price is 35K OBO

Send me an email or text to set up a time to talk.



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Not to mention that the fiberglass is 1/4" thick on these. Built like a boat hull and as I say will be waterproof and running long after I am gone.

Thought there had to be more of these around !

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Bump for a great van.

I went to see it and nearly purchased--Parry is a great guy who did phenomenal work on this van. He's an engineer--everything is purpose-built and well-thought-out. Someone will be very happy in it.

Ronald Bronson

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Could you post some pictures of the interior of the cab? They video wont play for me. Could you post some pictures of the frame, springs, floorboards?

Thank you


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Thanks Max for the shoutout!

Robert, here is the link to the facebook posting with more pictures.

I will work toward getting some frame pictures but its pretty clean with just surface rust. the floorboards are fiberglass and springs are only a few months old so they are great.

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