E350, Manfrotto + 80-20 & Galaxy Tab pro 12.2" Van mount


Background first, i'm a Ergonomics freak, one of my passions "Dynamic workstations" aka Dakar Motorcycle cockpit setups, Kamas Trucks redundant backup everything, fighter planes and helos too, i even have a master on it..

A few day i decide to install a second manfrotto mount on my new E350, this time right under the drivers side.

this single post "Tripods" are of the highest standard, usually used by the camera geeks, the are not cheap at about $150 a piece but they are build to last three life times..

plus the have a silly range of motion, i can basically set the tabet in any angle and space i freaking want.

Today, well things have not gone as well as plan as when I was at school so my resources are limit my my taste for optimization has not changed one bit
Work in progress

the plan is to get a second monopod wen i find some extra money, so I will have a Plethora of choices to locate the tablet (tablet-S) if i ever ride with somebody else..

I made the driver side 80-20 rail a few months back, super rigid, zero flop,

Now i just need to fabricate the new tablet cradle since I came with a better solution than before..

i'm not preaching or looking for a debate i'm just showing you my approach to the task in hopes other find it helpful