E350 coil springs versus E150 Springs?


I have a 1994 E150 and had put E250 coils up front and it gave me a 2-3 inch lift but since than I have noticed some of the E350 vans are even taller than that from the factory, my question is what would happen if I installed E350 coils on my van? Will it work?
1st off I just need a little more clearance, so I will not even think about U joints 4x4 kit! To expensive for what I will be using it for, rear locker will be plenty!!

Heading Out

It may work, but IMHO, a lift spring with a lower spring rate would be a better choice. The E350 spring will be even stiffer that the E250 spring you have now.

Ride quality will suffer, and suspension articulation will likely be worse, a longer softer lift spring with a rate between the E150 and the E250 coils will give the lift you're after and help off road ability without throwing you around like the one ton springs will.

Just my .02



E 350's run 16" wheel whereas E150's run 15's. Add substantially bigger tires and springs and you'll see several inches in height. You can't raise a Twin I Beam more than a couple of inches without modifying something, if you still want to maintain correct camber. Your best low dollar bet is a set of Maxx Lift spacers and bigger tires. Or you can lift it 6" for $1500 with a J Flame lift kit.


Im in so cal. I had them on both my vans for combined, maybe 5000 miles. They come with the alignment cams for the upper ball joint. Ill pm you price.