E350 7.3L, #3 Injector Stuck in head due to body clearance?


Follow up.

I'm still doing other work to get everything back together (the real world and work needs tends to get in the way), but removing the solenoid and re-installing it after the injector was in place worked like a champ. I put the solenoid back on before pushing the injector until it was seated, though.


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I did the remove the solenoid on #3 in an emergency on one of my vans/ambos. I had buzz tested it before and after. Definitely was a bit duller buzz after replacing it. But with the 120 we were having in Phoenix at the time I couldn’t bring myself to crawl around on the concrete pulling engine mounts.

Biggest scare is the amount of smoke it will bellow when you fire it back up. Make sure the cylinders are not full of oil or you could hydraulic lock the engine and cause a lot of damage.


Late to reply but I also just pulled a solenoid when doing mine last year. Not sure why this isn't more common for people to do this as its much easier and quicker.