E rated tires on an Unlimited?


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I ran 255/80-17 ST-Maxx on my JKU when I first got it. Sold my stock tires to Discount Tire.
I think it rode great; I really enjoyed those tires.

Got 16" wheels and a good deal on 285/75-16 S/T. D-rated tires, great offroad, not as good as the Maxx on the road. Older rubber compound and I was never quite content with them.

Won a set of STT-Pro in 285/75-16 from the ExPo writing contest and have them on now. Better than the ST-Maxx and S/T offroad, especially in the mud. Not as good at the Maxx on the road though.
When these are done I'm going to 255/85-16 ST-Maxx. Better fuel economy with the narrower tire.

It really depends on you. I'm fine with E-rated tires. I used to drive big trucks, ambulances, motorcycles --- the JKU ride on Es is like velvet by comparison...



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The E rated tires will ride rougher and are heavier than a C or D tire. But with E you will get longer life and possibly slightly better fuel economy over the life of the tire. Find the proper air pressure and this will make the best ride.


I wouldn't even hesitate to consider a load range E tire for a JKU. My light weight TJ has had load range D and E tires on it over the last 135k miles. MTR (non Kevlar) E 245/75 R16, MTR (non Kevlar) E 285/75r16, STT (original) D 315/75r16, and ST Maxx E 315/75r16. I will say the Jeep rides better now than it ever has, even with a big heavy tire, while worst riding tire was the stock MTR. Your ride will be more influenced by the tread pattern and PSI, not necessarily the load range of the tire.


I ran E-rated Duratracs in 315 on my JKU for a couple years and they didn't ride harsher than my stock tires before them. IRRC, I ran them around 28-32#s.

I would still be running E-rated Duratracs if I didn't go to a larger tire.