E-Rated 285/75/16's too much tire for two-door JK?

Cascade Wanderer

My tires are getting pretty worn. Winter is coming. Have questions & value your recommendations.


Real basic Jeep with manual trans, 4.10's, air lockers front & rear, 16x9's with 265/75/16's. Those are E-Rated BFG All-Terrains. Got a great deal on the five wheels & tires when the Jeep was but a week or two old. Now it's about time for new tires. Jeep has a 1.5" Teraflex (spring) leveling kit.

I think the 265's are okay, but a tad short. Don't want to get anything much wider. These just barely stick out from the fenders, and I don't want a wide tire. The 285's seem like an easy choice, only an inch wider & taller, but is that an awful lot of tire for a little 2-door JK that's usually lightly loaded?

Could sell the 16x9's and get 8" wide wheels. Kind of like these wheels though. They look good. 8" wheels would let me run a tall/skinnier tire though.

Snows here. I've got four heavy duty, old fashioned tire chains that are a little big on 265's and nice and snug on 285's.

I dunno. Thoughts? Recommendations? I'm about to drop a lot of cash on tires and I'd like to make the right choice. BTW, the BFG All-Terrains have worked well for me as I rarely venture into deep mud. Hate that stuff...

Regards, Guy


If you're already on E-rated tires and you're ok with how it rides, then the 285's will be fine with regards to that.
Your 9" wide wheels are a bit much either way, but better with 285's than 265's.

Careful with the chains if you haven't already run them. There's not a lot of clearance for them with 285's, particularly on the front if you turn sharp.

You may end up wanting a small boost in the rear, as the 285's will fill the wheel openings more, and you'll notice that it looks more like a tail dragger. :)

Opinions are like **************, but my opinion of the BFG's is that they USED to be an excellent tire. Per testing done by OJ, they have been left behind, particularly with respect to wet and cold performance. I'm a big fan of Cooper AT3's, and just pulled the trigger on a set of ST Maxx's.
Good luck!


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I ran coopers in both AT and ST MAXX. The BFG is a way better tire for JK.s Their sidewalls are much more forgiving than the Cooper tires and provide a much better ride, as well as just as much grip in 99% of situations. I have about 30k on my BFGs and they look brand new.

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I have run 285 E range on a few Jeep 2dr....As stated the 9" is the max wheel width to keep any bead issues if you ever decide to air down. On the road keep the air around 45-55 and you should be fine. Have you thought about 255/75?
As far as BFG...had them in AT and MT and always thought they were a good tire..that is until I tried Toyo Open Country AT2. 50k warranty, VERY quiet, and wet weather traction above any other tire I have run. This comes from over 500,000 miles combined on many different Jeeps and off road vehicles.Just my 2cents....


Autism Family Travellers!
yeah, toyos are not popular here, even though I swear by my toyo winter tires on our mazda 5. i have over 1 million miles combined in all my rigs. and I have had every type of vehicle and tire. I think bang for the buck the Bfg AT is the best, for overall comfort, grip and longevity. I will check out those toyos next time tires come on my radar, although I am thinking next time is KM2.


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If you're in a snow and ice area, suggest looking at tires with the mountain/snowflake rating. I have 285-70/17 GY Adventures (stock wheels) and they worked well last winter. Run them year-round. They're not quite as soft as dedicated winter tires, but they still meet the spec. GY Duratracs also have this rating, as well as a few others. Here in Oregon, tires with this rating are as legal as chains when traction devices are required.


Cascade Wanderer

Yeah, I think it comes down to the 285/75's if I keep my present 16x9" rims.

If I'm willing to buy narrower rims, I can run the tall/skinny tires - and frankly I do find that appealing. In 16's I'd likely go with the 255/85's.

And part of me is screaming to go back to a 15x7 or 15x8" rim and the 33x10.50's.... Tempting. Those are load range C as I recall, which might make more sense for the little 2-door JK.

Regards, Guy


E-loads are going to be a rougher ride for the JK. I bought my current MJ with a set on it. They won't flex as well when aired down with the added plies, loss of traction. I would pass on the Es and look for C/D.
i ran cooper ATP on my 2 door for awhile before jumping to 37s. I love cooper tires. well worth the money and the E rated rode fine. lower the pressure a little bit and if it rides rough high chance its the shocks. factory shocks are terrible.

the coopers are a good tire for the 2 door.


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Cascade Wanderer

Decision reached. Went with the Toyo MT 285/75/16's and am pleased with the fit. They look good. Only have 15 miles on them, but half that is on dirt already. So far, so good.