E-bike or motorcycle for secondary vehicle


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I have two ebikes, his and hers. Parts avail is mostly a non issue. All components except the frame are conventional bike components. Want to upgrade your gearset or shocks? Go right ahead. Mid drive is the ONLY way to go so you can use your gears. Bafang has changed the game. Batteries are actually pretty well standard. Fully rebuild able, there are really only a few designs out there. Not capable of highway travel and range anxiety is real. But I've been using ebikes for shuttles in the Backcountry in southern Utah for five years and I'm happy as a clam. Get a small generator if you will be remote and not driving for a time. I'm into both of our bikes 4300. About to spring on spare batteries.


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I think it depends on your intended use. I've been researching both recently. The EBike/Electric Motorcycle has split up into various category's.
The first is the Zero's/Harley's that are electrified motorcycles. Then very powerful E 'Bikes', with ones like the CAB Recon, 80mph top speed!, then the more scooter'ish ones.

So, do you want to park your rig and go explore single track? Or do you need to use it as a runabout/emergency backup? I've asked myself that question, and I want both. Since I need at least a little high-speed capability, I would go small motorcycle like a TW200 or DR200, etc. Lightweight, as motorcycles go, and can travel back to town and haul back food/repaired tire. Now, by the time I hit Europe, many cities will have banned diesels and perhaps even internal combustion altogether.
That's when I switch to electric. Park the diesel rig on the outskirts, explore on the electric bike.
Actually, I just learned the Ryker Rally is going full electric soon. I like the 3 wheeled option as I get older and feebler:confused: