Dynatrac Free-Spin kits (getting rid of unit bearings)


Ive been thinking about the dyna trac free spin kit for my 97 cummins..

Well worth it?
Absolutely, to me.

99% of the time I don't need all those front-end components spinning round. I tend to keep my vehicles for many years so I know I'll never have to mess with the front drivetrain. Plus, as I mentioned there is a slight but noticeable difference in how smoothly the truck drives.

I just had to have the front driveshaft rebuilt in my Wrangler, at only 47000 miles because the CV joint was beginning to squeak. If I'd had hubs on it I'd never have had a problem because even with it being a Jeep, most of the miles I put on it I don't require 4wd. My next Jeep WILL have hubs!
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Looks like we are off and running.

After putting about 75 miles on the new hardware, things were inspected and wheel lugs retorqued (new studs).
Then the camper went on, and I just finished another long weekend on the property (new home build).

I've put 400+ miles on the truck since the conversion now. Hubs are running cool, smooth and silent.

And since things are thawed, and its a freshly cut road, the 4wd was tested out.
Damn driveway is turning into a bog :oops: