Dynatrac Free-Spin kits (getting rid of unit bearings)


ive had them for years, on the dodge

Yukon and Synergy make the conversion kits as well. Might be worth a look.


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For Dodge guys that's a big deal.

Us Ford guys already have manual locking hubs.

I just want serviceable bearings! (y)
The Dodge shop I use installs Dynatrac hubs on the Fords several times a year. I've had them for 8 yrs now. Same with my '85 Toyota and my '86 F-250. Manual transfer cases on all of them too. Many guys are lubing the unit hubs through the abs port and getting longer life out of them.


Good to hear the good reviews of anything Dynatrac.

I've read about the supposed extended life by feeding the unit bearings grease thru the ABS hole.
Truthfully, its probably just as fast to completely repack a set of taper bearings than bother with even getting to the ABS hole.
You must remove the wheel/tire, caliper & bracket, and rotor to get to it.

With standard taper bearings, its just a matter of removing the locking hub to get to the bearings.
You don't even have to pull the wheel& tire off... Just jack the vehicle up.
A bit messier as you are right into it with grease, but that's it IMO.


It looks, from the photos, that the out axle (stub shaft) is gonna be a bit longer than the original stub shaft. I suppose that means the hub will stick out farther. I think they need space for the hub and to mount two bearings. I assume the dynatrac stub is a 1480 u joint. I think at some point Ford dropped the 1480 ujoint for the 1550 axle u joint, but not sure what year. Maybe that is why the Dynatrac kit is only good to 2014?

The Timken replacement unit bearing/hub appears to run about $250 per side.


Yes, the spindles are longer. Not sure how long, but Ive been told they are shorter than other free-spin kits.
Considering the OEM locking hubs are actually recessed within the wheels, Im not concerned at all about anything a bit longer.

My junk is all 1480. Far as I know, the 1550 joints and shafts were exclusive to the F450/550 They are considered an upgrade for the 2005-2014 250/350
If the 1550 ever made it to the 250/350, it may very well be a 2014/2015 change.

The 2015 to present kit is here...

And hubs, there is ZERO reason to buy a complete timken hub once you go this route.
If all you want to do it change hubs, you stick with unit bearings.

The rest of us that prefer serviceable bearings, we just buy bearings & races.
Those are less than $30 per side. And again, thats assuming you ever have to actually change the bearings.

One of the biggest issues with unit bearings is that if/when the unit becomes contaminated, like with water intrusion, you are SOL.
With serviceable bearings, not the case. Pull them out, flush them clean, inspect, repack, reinstall.
All you are out is a bit of time and grease. And seals if you are doing it "properly" ;)

Do this as a preventative measure, and the bearing will quite literally last the life of the truck.



I just looked, warn has a premium made in USA direct replacement hub for the super duty trucks, this may be a good cost effective option.


This is for FAR more than just the manual hubs.

My OEM manual hubs are fine, and are fine for most people.

If I could, Id run the OEM manual hubs with this kit, but it is not compatible with the OEM hubs.


Well, gotta love it when they under-promise, and overdeliver...

I was out of town this weekend and got a silly text from the wife.
I was expecting some motorcraft parts via RockAuto to show up, but just small stuff.

"I used the hand truck to put the stupid heavy boxes in the shop"


When I got home this evening, both my RockAuto AND my Dynatrac order had arrived :cool:
Super stoked. I should have the truck back together this weekend.



Well, ********...

Nice stuff or not, they are still prone to the occasional QC issues.
While prepping everything for install, including a quick chassis paint application to much of the kit,
I found a bent eye on one of the stubs. I really have no idea how such damage could even happen...
These are pretty stout stubs, and this is a severe bend...

Anyhow... Dynatrac is aware and is doing what they can to fix the issue.

Sucks, but it is what it is. Just one more reason to not rush these types of installs.

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What I was doing when I found the bent eye...

Inspecting and painting. As well as installing wheel studs.
Knuckles cleaned up and some fresh chassis paint applied.

The original (inner) axle shafts had the u-joints removed, and were cleaned up.
Then both the inner and the one good outer received some chassis paint.

U-joints, and hubs, with studs, received some chassis paint as well.



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Although this is interesting I am curious as to what the numbers are.

First, how many miles do we expect to own the truck? 100k, 250k 500k+?

The next most important question is how often do the unit bearings fail and how much do they cost?

And finally, how much does the Dynatrac kit cost, how much maintenance is required and how many miles will it last?

I am all for performing valuable modifications or upgrades but the numbers tell the truth and I am curious to see some. That way, if my unit bearings fail at some point in the future Dynatracs might or might not be a consideration for me. Your thoughts?