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OK, Happy here. 1st of all on Excursions. I have had 3, loved them at the time as I have 5 children with friends and STUFF!! So always needed a big vehicle, They were ALL diesel 4x4's. Had 2 , 7.3's Great motor 14.6 MPG average total. Rode like a red wagon and sounded like a frieght train!! But, I did Love it as it was The only diesel big enough for Us. Also had a 6.0 Mine was an 05 so no problems. Had a little more power and little better MPG around 15 and a little quiter never had motor or tranny problems actually no problems period.Did have a 97 F-350 Crewcab with 7.3 and put 101K on it and block cracked in cylinder. Ford would not replace and said" sand must have gotten in the casting?? Supposed to have 100K warranty, 101 no good!! Paid Jasper around 7K and sold!! Excursions all Rode terrible like the other 2just like an F-350 owned those also.
Excursion betters Yukon in room, rear automatic opening back windows ( Great for Stinkin Kids!! )
Would Love for Yukon to have that feature!! Mirror and total windshield and visabilty all around!!
Wife had a Guy pull out in front of Us in 06 Halloween Day, one of those wedge shaped front end mini vans Transport I believe?? Van front end went under drivers side rear tire and front passenger tire hit curve. Doing around 45 and I guess propetual motion with the heavy diesel in front caused the Excursion to flip end over end 3 times "as high as telephone pole" said a by-stander. My passenger seat came dislocated and I hit My head on the roof so hard it cracked My cranium and almost broke My neck( I am a drywaller and had a strong neck thank GOD!!) Or else I probably would have been killed. NO AIRBAGS even went off, I will try and find newspaper clipping and post it. Jaws of Life and Life flight to hospital for Us We were knocked uncontious!! Never recieved 1 penny I was out of it for the 2 years afterward and couldn't handle suit affairs due to injuries and medications so We were unable to sue. He ran a yellow light turning left and almost killed Us, cost Us unbelievably cannot even begin to explain health and financial damages!! Ford also never done anything to rectify the no airbag situation!! I will NEVER Own or ride in another Excursion. I started seeing the Duraburb conversions and thought I ahd to have the 496 for conversion. BIG mistake drove 496 for some time low horsepower IMHO and TERRIBLE MPG 7-9 . 7.2 on a highway trip to FL. but, rides like a GMC great ride. Mirrors terrible, no opening rear glass and terrible windshield visability. Sold My D-Max truck to Pay Eric to convert the Yukon. Oh, searched a lot about former Duraburb Owner's to get info from actual Owner but, NO LUCK!! So thanks Kelly for getting this info aeccesable but unfortunetly I had Eric doing Mine when You started posting. I saw Your convertible wrecked donor truck on it's way to Eric when I sent Mine it was on the same truck as Yours!! I was actually the 1st one to have the idea of the silverado front clip on a Yukon. LOADS of car Guys look bewildered at it " What is that??" I Love it!! I think it is the best looking SUV ever made!! Eric was a complete Gentleman from day 1 until even today ,He is just a Great , Likeable , Honest , hard working Guy!! He did install lift blocks from donor and torqued up the torsion bars to get lift on Mine( BIG mistake) Rode terrible, shimmy and like driving on Ice with the steering!!Was getting 12 MPG best out of the gate , I was disappointed!! Wanted 20-22. Had the lift blocks taken off at Kaufman tires and took off the Nitto Mud Grapplers ( which have terrible RR rolling resistance bad for MPG) and studied tires ,
Put Michelin LTX MS2 285/75R16 They have the best RR rolling resitance of any I could find, I Love Michelins. Since Then I have had NO ride issue's , it's faster , rides better like a Caddy, and I am getting 15.2 on running average. Paid 22k for the Yukon and paid around 19K for all donor and Conversion costs but, Eric done some Body and paint work and 5" exhaust which I LOVE and He was kind enough to put ALL Amsoil products in Differentials, tranny, transfer case , Motor and all. For less Rolling Resistance!! Big pain for Him never once complained!! Also put the lights on My roof and door handles and running boards and mirrors which I also LOVE!! Also some debadging and 5 stage tune.I have had a few minor issues one which I cannot figure out with fuel tank, when full it gets stuck and I drive around 200 miles and the gauge suddenely drops to 5/8 a tank. So goes from completelt full to almost 1/2 a tank suddenly and miles to empty falls with it?? Think the fuel sending unit sticking?? Also had an issue when put in race mode it would hicup and cause engine light to come on. I bled the line and re-primed and seems to be working. I do have the Tranny get stuck in 1st at times but??
That being said I now have the most Beautiful , best riding , diesel, 4x4, fast , 15 MPG , SUV anywhere that is like driving a UFO to car Guys. Guys are ALWAYS stopping Us saying " Your putting diesel in a gas vehicle" And " What is it" . The truck will run well over 100 Hypithetically of course, and look great doing it !! Pulling Power is AMAZING along with take off. I absolutly Love to pass People of course only when allowed and They are moving below posted speed limit mostly Blue-Hairs , GOD bless Them. I have a 42K vehicle that is worth 12K according to the Bank but do I care. NO!! I Love it , would do it again , "YES!!" and wouldn't even CONSIDER using ANYONE but Mr. Eric Swanson!! This is My Favorite vehicle I have EVER owned and I have owned a BUNCH!! Only would have liked to been able to afford the twin turbo option, LOL!! So finally!! There it is Excursion VS GM and real Life driving fuel economy , still want the 22MPG but unless a miracle comes along don't think it's possible. BTW donor was an 06 LBZ. My Personal favorite. I Love My Yukon and it would not have been Possible without DuraBurb and Mr. and Mrs. Eric Swanson!! Great folks!! I would Highly recommend Them and would Use Them again and again


Fender update

My Burb is in the shop getting repainted. I have decided to do some cut out flares to make the truck useable off road. As of now the front tires are ruining the front fenders.

I have right around 2000k miles on the truck and haven't had any problems to note. I'm still having a slight driveline vibration, but it is related to the lift blocks in the rear of the truck.

Rear fender repairs.


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We had to notch the flares to get the body lines correct. These flares are for a 2500 HD.


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Front fenders

Here are the front fenders. The filler work is actually very thin the metal work was excellent. Next I'll show the flares mocked up and ready for paint.


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Test fit

Flares test fit.

I'm thinking of adding some mud flaps. They aren't stylish, but very functional.


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Burb in the paint booth

In the booth being painted. Tomorrow all the moldings, door handles, flares, and rear bumper will be painted.


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Everything is painted and ready to go back together.


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Here it is painted and assembled.

I have not finished the rear bumper so the factory bumper was installed until I get time to get it wrapped up.

One thing that I find odd is my vibration at speed is completely gone. I have to assume the weight of the spare and the rear bumper has changed the pinion angle some. I'm going to get the rear bumper back on and see if it comes back. As much as I have hunted the vibration I really hope it's that simple.


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Final details

I am ordering a new rear spring set up from National Spring. I'm hope this get the axle wrap situation taken care of. If nothing else it is eliminating the 5.5" rear block. Currently there is a six week lead time to get them to my door. The front end has settled a bit after a couple of thousand miles so I'm going to adjust the front suspension to level it out again.

I'm getting 13.5 MPG with mainly city driving with the tuner in position #2. I have only put two and a half tanks of gas in it since I got it back from Eric, which is really nice. When the tank is completely filled the gas gauge gets confused a bit and drops to E once I restart the truck it goes back to the F position. Other than that I look forward to using the Burb on a family trip in July.

I will update with pictures soon.


Is there a shackle flip option for the rear? That would eliminate most of the block and allow you to use a smaller one if one at all. I know the 70s to late 90s trucks have that option, never poked around for the newer trucks.


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So, did you do the swap for better fuel economy? Just wondering since it doesn't make sense to spend 1000s to save maybe 100s, but I see people do it all the time. Nice Burb by the way.


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Never mind....I just read thru most of the thread. As long as you aren't doing the whole "I am doing this for fuel economy" guise. It never breaks even unless you drive it about 150,000 flawless miles. If one admits they are doing it for the fun/pride factor, that makes sense, not the saving fuel factor because that just doesn't make sense. Also, I have owned 2 Duramax trucks and anyone telling you they are getting 19/20 mpg with a lift and big tires is lying to you BIG TIME. Both of mine were stock with an open exhaust, EGR deletes, and a fuel economy EFI tuning and I got 19 on a good day with a tailwind. I call guys out all the time on this because it simply isn't true. I always ask if its hand calculated mileage. That always gets a himming-hawing answer. What kind of mileage are you getting now by the way?


I have only put two and a half tanks of GAS in it since I got it back from Eric, which is really nice.

How's that working out? lol

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