Ducati Scrambler: Adventure Redefined


time is running out.....
oh my. not many bikes fancy me but this one does. most likely out of my range though. 2 sets of tires i could go anywhere though....


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The March issue of Cycle World that arrived today has an overwhelmingly positive review of the Scrambler Ducati. Favorable comments were made about the handling, suspension, clutch, brakes, seat (yippee), tires, fuel injection and styling. The only weakly-negative comment involved the need to keep the engine rpm up to avoid lugging the bike.

I'll be looking forward to more rigorous full tests, but for better or worse, the CW article offers no reason not to buy one if you are leaning that way. Prepare to empty the piggy banks.


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There was another positive review in the British publication Motorcycle Sports and Leisure. Again, many good points were cited with no serious negatives. The general tenor of the article was that, in spite of focusing on providing a cool, high-style bike perfect for hipsters and their retro-focused colleagues, Ducati had produced a competent and fun general purpose motorcycle

For what it's worth, my local Ducati store's representative said last week that the Scrambler was expected to arrive in April and that I should get on the list soon, as they already had many deposits.

Scott Brady

Yeah, these are going to sell like hot cakes. I should be getting a Moto Guzzi V7 next week, and plan to toss some knobbies and a flat bar on it.


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I have money on a urban enduro
I don't think it will replace my ultra limited on road or my ktm off road and I really don't know what this thing is for but it's sure cool