Dual purpose NPR 4x4 build

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So a quick intro: My wife and I travel quite a bit, mostly camping in North America. We have camped in a variety of setups: VW with tent, Crew cab truck pulling a trailer, 40' RV, and Sprinter van (our favorite to date). We have come to the conclusion that a crew cab 4x4 NPR with a 12' box will suit our needs best. I own a Metal Fabrication business so when not camping the truck will be used as a shop truck. The box will be removable via 4 electric jacks. I have a Dana 60 that I am building for the front.
I will try to post pics as I make progress.



Sounds like fun!

A 12' box is a little small, have you considered a 14' box?
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I look forward to your progress, it sound very interesting.
I like your bumper a lot. Very clean lines.


Matt and i have been in the shop working late, trying to get the truck ready for OvEx Asheville. Here are a few pics i had on my phone. Matt did all of the welding while i worked on getting the audio system installed (factory NPR radio was garbage), sPod wiring for Baja Designs LED's, relocating battery box, coolant tank and making some dash pieces for the bluetooth amp. 20150930_140005.jpg20150930_112313.jpg20151001_012431.jpg20150928_231747.jpg20151001_011405.jpg

All wires were soldered and heat shrinked and the LED lights all have Weatherpack connectors made for them. Dash plate will be painted and have a RAM mount installed for a 10" tablet.
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4wd will not be ready for OvEx, just not enough time. Matt has a Dana 60 from a one ton Chevy IIRC. That will be rebuilt and powdercoated hopefully in the next few weeks. Plans for now are to keep the NPR rear axle with 5.13 gears and use the OEM LSD. i am not sure about the front locker choice ATM.

we got the bumper and roof rack back from powdercoating this afternoon and both are installed. It is pouring rain on the southeast US so pics may come later tonight or tomorrow. Items remaining are wire winch and all LED lights and test/clean/re-check everything before we hit the road.

Since Matt will use this as a shop truck more than a camper, the flat bed is probably the next priority. I will let him chime in, but there is no internet in the shop, so updates may be scattered.


We arrived in Fletcher to a sodden Taylor Ranch. They would not allow Matt to drive on the grass and the dirt roads are like pig slop. So we are parked at then of a gravel road near FWC


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