Dual battery on R50 Pathy with VQ35?


Wiffleball Batter
Has anyone here done a dual battery setup on a Pathfinder with the VQ35 engine? Just curious as there is not a lot of room under that hood!
Reason I'm asking is that I'm toying with the idea of making my R50 into a kind of "mini-expo" vehicle and having a dual battery with a dedicated power plug for the fridge would really help.
I'm sure someone's done it, just looking to see if maybe there's a writeup somewhere?


The battery location is the same on all R50's (front right corner under the hood). I opted to install dual batteries, but I have all accessories running off the main battery (X2 power group 34), with a smaller Odyssey PC680MJ beside it for emergency starting purposes only. I also carry a portable LiPo booster pack.)

I had to remove the battery tray to slide the main battery closer to the radiator in order to fit the Odyssey between the fender and the main battery. You could probably fit a group 24 battery there. This photo is essentially what I did, except I just replaced the Diehard with the X2Power.

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