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Let’s start with the title and then I’ll actually get things moving. I bought myself an L322, and the first thing a co-worker asked me was if I was selling now. Which I found funny, probably because I’m not but also, the simple fact that THATS how these things are viewed is endlessly funny to me. Top it off with a good friend of mine telling me that any time he’s had one in his shop, it’s always had a hand gun in the upper glove box and I think you’ve got a concept that honestly makes sense, no matter how untrue it may (or may not) be.

But at any rate, let’s get this show on the road.

Short and sweet back story - I started my Land Rover life with a D2, did some things to it, and lots of things with it, it was an endlessly good rig to me and not sure why, but I sold it.

For some reason I moved into a Land Rover hiatus of sorts for about 3 years, half missing the ol disco and half enjoying the new rig. But when the wife started talking about how even SHE missed it and said that it was the only rig we’ve had she really liked. So it came time to make the big decision of selling the replacement that took us many places and over many obstacles with zero complaints and then figuring out what direction to go from there.
(if you would like to see the more in depth size of this rigs path I have a thread in the mitsu section. https://expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/dont-call-it-a-build-thread.163735/ )

So, now we are all caught up, finding the new rig! I honestly thought I was going to end up in an LR3, I’ve always liked them, they are good capable rigs, just an updated version of the old D2 right!? Well the wife thought otherwise, for some reason while I totally dig the look of them she didn’t at all somehow, something about the cargo area window wrapping up onto the roof bugged her? I told her I’d make a sticker to make it look like a body panel was there like the old D2 but she just wasn’t sold on it. So I did the only thing any smart guy would, started showing her the L322. Now, knowing that she already loves the look of the Range Rover classics, it felt only right to give her some options in those looks while also having the updated amenities, and wouldn’t you know it, she was on board. Happy wife, happy life as they say, and I was on the hunt.

After probably nearly a year of researching and hunting I finally came across one that had the options I was looking for, along with a stack of good service records from new, all in the miles window and color I wanted, the only thing I didn’t like about it was the interior color being white, but in the big scheme of things, that didn’t seem like a real deal breaker considering the rest of what it had going on.

And so here it is, 08 Supercharged, ready for duty

So, after all that if you are still interested in where this thing goes, both in build and in adventure, then follow on with my posts as there will be more to come soon.
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My L322 is still my wife’s favorite of all three of our rides.

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Nice. My wife has an 08 SC, it’s been fantastic. I find my LR3 significantly more practical, but that SC engine is a lot of fun. Around here, they are only drug dealer rides if they have 24” chrome wheels, and most are ragged out 03-05 BMW engined models.


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Ok getting started on prepping this thing, just some simple things so far but more on the way. GAP tool was the first thing I ordered, I pulled off the auto running boards that didn’t work to begin with, replaced the third brake light that the lens had begun separating from the housing on, and then I added rods and did wheels and tires cause 22s are just not gunna make for enough tire for how I am gunna be using this thing.
So there it is, I went with the terrafirma steelies and wrapped em in the falken at3w as a 285/75r18, currently lifted with proud rhino rods and used my GAP tool to make sure everything was sitting at the proper height.
Had to do some liner mods of course, and also remove the washer bottle, so I built and installed a smaller bottle.
So I used a small universal washer bottle, added the level sensor to the bottom of it and the factory fill neck to the top, and secured it up out of the way on the “frame rail”


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Been slowed a little by the Corona virus pandemic but I’m still trying to plug away at it as I can. I need to mount the cb still but the command center is coming together

I’ve also begun work on my under floor plans for the cargo area.
Plan is to have a water tank and pump, as well as a compressor and as you can see, a very small air tank all under the floor back there.


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Got some more work done on the under floor items. Everything is mounted, wired and plumbed now, and thankfully it all fits under or behind factory trim pieces aside from the things I needed above ground.
Had to do a good amount of trimming on the underside of the trim piece on the left there for water tank clearance
I found that I could fit much more battery than I originally thought in the space next to the spare well so I doubled up, cause why not?
Just had to trim the plastic on that side a tiny bit for it to all fit back to normal.
since I got the batteries in I did my wiring
so with that all behind there I’ve got the cig lighter wired to the second batteries, along with the small inverter there and the dual USB port on the switch panel. The switches are for the compressor, water pump, and cargo area lighting that I added to the D pillars and hatch.
so with all the trim back in place the cargo area it looks pretty close to normal still, which is nice.
The extra cord there is for the fridge.
when I build my storage solution back here I will add a receptacle for the water fill and spigot as well as for the air line.
NIIIIIIICCCCCCCEEEEEEEEE work! So you are running what size batteries for auxiliary? I see two additional batteries back there; what is the specs of the extra power.

Great build!


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NIIIIIIICCCCCCCEEEEEEEEE work! So you are running what size batteries for auxiliary? I see two additional batteries back there; what is the specs of the extra power.

Great build!
Thank you!
I originally bought one and it looked so small in the space that I bought a second one haha
So it’s two 50Ah agm’s back there.

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