Drove a JKU and JLU back to back yesterday...JK is still better.


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No, it's not common--mine are all fine-

Maybe some of the 4dr's built in Dec/Jan had that trouble--




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Drove my 2015 JKUR to a dealer and drove a JLUR. Wow, did I like it. SO, many things better than my JKUR. I'll be ordering a JLUR when the '19 order banks open up.

That said, I hated the TJ and owned three of them. I hated the JK and owned four of them. I hate the JL and will be buying my first before end of the year...
Enjoy it. just make sure you don't leave it stock. ha ha ha.

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Back in January, FCA mailed me a coupon for $1000 off a new Jeep product and a $50 gift card for taking a test drive; so I drove a stick-shift JL. I really liked it. Of course, the JL was a new car - so no surprise that it was smoother and quieter. But a lot of things that we all added to our JKs are incorporated in the new model - e.g. - grab handles, aux. switches, better hinges...

The JL that I drove on a Michigan January day had a steering wheel heater! That almost made the sale. Also a large display for the radio/back-up camera (my JKU has the basic radio with no video). And the new doors are aluminum, so they are much lighter (and sheet metal repairs more expensive, no doubt) to remove. The new tail door is magnesium, and is shockingly easier to open & close (but then, that's compared to my AEV tire carrier. The windshield is more easily folded, and there are a few different roof options.

My '15 JKU has only 38,000 miles. I'm retired. Our daughter's wedding is pending. So, about the only way I'd add a JL to the stable is if I won the lotto. In the meantime, I like my Anvil JKU, but wish I'd ordered a Rubicon/stick shift. I'm hoping to make a local deal for a Rubicon front D44.
So the newer JKs have the 3.6 and are a fine vehicles. Especially the recon package. I had an older jkur 08 and sold it with 175000 and bought the JLUR which I absolutley love. Yes I am in San Diego and yes I got the cold weather package mostly becasue I am 65 and after a hard day working or surfing in cold water during the winter it is nice to use it like a hot pad on the sore back. HOWEVER the last couple days leaving for work I hopped in the Jeep in the morning the dew was frozen on the windshied to ice not simply frost but hard as rock ice ! In Carlsabd by the beach! start up the JLUR and the heated seats and heated sterring wheel turn on automatically.. sooo sooo cool!. Now I loved my old CJ7 many thrilling adventures, and JKUR with the 3.8 ( i put i heated seats in there myself) but the new JLUR is just an absolute wonder. I drove the newer jkurs withthe 3.6 and they were great too. Such a far cry form my old CJ& golden eagle that i used to have t wear gloves in a thermal hoodie over a dow vest and beanie and a blanket on my lap. Still that CJ7 was preetty darn cool. too. so here they are! The last picture is my new JLUR on the way home form idaho going over the devils gate patch in late may ast year, which was when I discovered thatthe heated seats and sterring wheel com on automatically .