Driving though Canada to Alaska during the Covid-19 Pandemic


Your Border experience was the result of some people from the US "going" to Alaska who decided to tour BC on the way. Banff is not on the way nor is Jasper. There were not a lot but enough that border guards got more fussy about who got to cross.

Glad you got through and to you destination it looks like you had some long days but saw some beautiful scenery.
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Many Americans have caught on to the "headed to Alaska" line when they have no intention of going there. US plates vacationing/sightseeing/hiking in Banff and Lake Louise were issued $1,200./person tickets. That evidently wasn't enough so tougher new penalties are now in place.

Canada has virtually flat-lined compared to the spinning out-of-control mess in the USA. There are 3 places to cross allowed in BC; 1 in Alberta and 1 in Saskatchewan. Any deviation from an A to B route directly to Alaska means enormous fines and possible prison time.

Also, I learned from a BC motorcycle traveler in ADV that Alberta Park Campgrounds are open only to Albertans. Even other Canadians can't camp there.


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Alberta Park Campgrounds are open only to Albertans
Provincial Parks actually. Other campgrounds are at the operators discretion.
BC has the same policy and BC & AB announced the plans on the same day.
Fact is unless the travel is essential, play in your own backyard.


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Saw a news story where the leader (title?) of, I think, British Columbia was advising folks with non-Canadian license plates who were in fact legally in Canada to perhaps leave their cars at home and use public transportation--because otherwise it's likely that Canadians will call the cops on you.