Driving a 30’ Box Truck Over Engineer Pass, in an attempt to prove SWB 4x4 drivetrains aren’t really needed....


You guys with those fancy Rubicon’s ought to feel kind of silly today. Because, perhaps in a first of a kind attempt to prove 4x4 drivetrains aren’t really needed to transverse the high passes in the Colorado Rockies...a 30’ Box Truck has taken on the challenge of the high country....


“GPS is useful tool for navigation, but it shouldn’t be followed blindly.

That appears to be what happened Friday when a 30-foot box truck became stuck near the top of a rugged mountain road north of Silverton known as Engineer Pass. And it doesn’t appear the truck is going anywhere anytime soon.

“How they got that far is beyond me,” said Silverton-based Animas Towing & Recovery owner Wayne Barger.

Engineer Pass is known as one of the most difficult and steep backcountry roads in the area, reaching a peak elevation of 12,800 feet, which requires a four-wheel drive and high-clearance vehicle.”



Retrieval might cost a couple of thousand dollars? That's a laugh! I'm really surprised a local towing guy said that. I deal with heavy trucks every day and it costs a couple of thousand dollars to get them off the side of a paved road. That disaster is going to cost MANY thousands of dollars if they can't drive it most of the way out.

They should call Matt (Winder Towing) over in Utah. He could get it out of there with a Jeep Cherokee, two dogs and a rope. If you don't know what I'm talking about then you don't waste enough time on Youtube.


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I know the spot. This is near the top of Engineer Mt. on the Mineral Point side of the mountain. The tailing piles give it away. That vain is almost a stright line down the hill and part way across the valley east of the stamp mill.

This was about 10 to 12 years ago. I was at Mile High's "All for Fun" event in Silverton, CO. We were headed up Stony pass from Silverton and we had a old school us coming down the switchbacks. It was about a 50 person bus size. It has been converted to a RV. The husband was guiding his wife and kids down the road and switchbacks. I will give them credit for making it through. (I say that, as about 5 hours later they were not stuck on the road when we returned). This was the side of the pass going into Silverton and not the easy side they had come up.

Can a large vehicle do this sort of thing? It looks as if some can! I know that I would have had a very solid 10 (on the pucker factor scale) driving either of these vehicles over either of the passes.


I'd love to hear an interview with the driver. I mean, he's an idiot for sure but I'd like to hear whatever logic he applied to the situation.

I have not been on any Colorado roads/trails that were not clearly marked 'high clearance/4wd'. You think some kind citizen or off road group would've stopped this guy long before he got this far.


"Tow" by heavy lift helicopter?

Or break out the oxy-acetylene torch and disassemble?

Whatever the solution, someone's going "ka-ching!"