Dreams and plans for a 4x4 van


Van of Mayhem
Let me first introduce myself. My name is Karsten, I'm located in northern Bavaria, Germany.
I'n into offroading and travelling for 20+yrs and doing a bit side work as offroad driving instructor from SUV's up to 8x8 trucks.
Overland travelling in the past included Northern Africa, Europe, the US (motorbike) and Australia (WA and NT) with different vehicles ranging from a MK Nissan Patrol with a basic expedition type camping interior up a rental Troopie in Oz.
I just sold my '00 2500 RAM 4x4, nothing fancy with only a camper top and folding bed in the rear and some bigger tires. Right now I'm on the hunt to buy a 4x4 van. From time to time we get some ex-fire trucks from Switzerland in great shape with around 10k miles for very reasonable prices. Those vans are usually Dodge B300/B350 converted by either Pathfinder or the later ones done by MOWAG in Switzerland with coil sprung Dana44's in the front.
Plan is to have 3-4 seats and a folding bed alongside the passenger side rear quarter with cabinets on the other side and a space to mount my 52ltr National Luna Weekender fridge.

My old Patrol:





Van of Mayhem
Still tracking down on some leads in Switzerland. Rumors go around that a batch of fire vans is due to change over in the next couple months.
Ín the meantime, some pics of my old Nissan Terrano I used for travelling with a RTT. 2 kids, 2 adults and a dog stuffed in there........



Van of Mayhem
I sold the Nissan 3 years ago. The quality of the Nissans made in Spain was not worth keeping it any longer. Transmission blew at under 100k mls, no warranty by Nissan because it was 3.5 yrs old etc....
I completely switched to American iron back then and never looked back.