Dreadlocks outfitting of InTech Discover

Yeah, after I posted I realized it would work, but the max 15amp to the battery is a lot of wasted panel. I think a 100/30 would be a good fit. I am already fretting battery life and I want to avoid having to run a generator as much as I can. It looks like you also drilled into the frame of the panel to mount it. Did you have any concerns about that wrt the warranty?


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even w/all this solar I still need the genset from time to time, its not a panacea for long term boondocking.. but if your just needing short bursts it can do the job... considering the cost and weight of more battery, the genset made more sense.

lets put it this way, I go spend big money on brand new German vehicles and instantly void the warranty as soon as I got em broken in.. I'm not the kinda person to ever have any concerns about a warranty.. I void them for pleasure, you aint lived til you took an angle grinder to your new car that cost more than yeh daddy ever made in a year, days after buying it.. talk about a rush when you pull it off w/out foobaring everything..... again.


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I just joined yesterday, so I could see the photos you attached to you build while I read about it. You did a very nice job solving all the problems encountered. I ordered a 2021 Discover this summer, for October delivery, and have been adding to my Amazon wish list daily. This thread is very helpful, and has given me so many ideas. Keep up the great build!


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oh I'm still only getting started, I just hopped employers.. hopefully for the last time before I retire. One of the new perks on top of remote working is unlimited friggin PTO, now I just need a StarLink internet account and I'll spend all summer, every summer boondocking til school starts back up.

In the meantime I need track down more locations w/decent cell signals, I had a favorite spot w/great signal that there are many photos of me camping at in this thread but I never disclosed the location, well sadly its all gone now.. everything burned down over Labor Day weekend.. RIP Pingree Park Rd/Crown Point, you will be missed.


Upgraded Propex HS2800 w/rigid Stainless Steel 1.125" (26mm ID) intake and exhaust, not the easiest size to find.. still gotta button up some loose ends with all stainless clamps and bug screens but I like this much better than that flexible crap I had dangling out before.. trying to decide to leave it raw or paint it.

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The gap is needed so small lil bits of gravel/sand kicked up while in tow can pass through.
Hey Dreadlocks. I sent you a PM, but haven't heard back. I hope everything is alright on your end. I'm looking to replicate your Propex install. Any chance you have a parts list for the intake and exhaust piping, and the heats outlet(s)? Also looking for more info on how you brought the propane supply in, the new regulator you chose and how you plumbed it in. I've got your trailers twin brother now, by the way.