Just got a dpms 762x51, and maybe it's just me but it won't feed worth crap. I swaped out the factory mags for p mags and still no change. I can get through maybe 3 rounds and Jams. Mars up my casings. Mind you this is on slow fire. Anyone else had this problem? Thank God I still have my 338.

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If there is a problem with it, DPMS will make it right. A buddy of mine had an issue and they shipped a new one to his FFL before they even sent his back.


I would start with the ammo. Is this reloaded ammo or factory? If reloads, then get some factory ammo. If factory, what is the weight of the bullet? Assuming you have decent factory NATO ammo, I would use the factory mags. I always take apart and clean the mags. I might suggest this, except you are reporting issues with the pmags. Hence, I would, as suggested above, strip the gun and check it out. Give it a good cleaning and generous lubing. These guns prefer to run wet. If it appears dry, I would assume this is the problem. Hence, strip, clean, lube and try again with factory ammo. If still have a problem, then you may want to contact DPMS.

Cheers, Steve

Bill Idaho

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Define "jams". Fail-to-feed, fail-to-eject, fail-to-extract, short-stroking, double-feeds? In re-reading your OP you state it "won't feed worth crap...". So, when you hit the bolt release on an empty chamber with a loaded magazine, it refuses to feed a fresh round into the chamber? Or after firing a round the bolt goes to battery on an empty chamber? Could you elaborate?

Every Miles A Memory

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I've also had issues with mine if I'm using 147g ammo. They seem to like the heavier loads. I havent done it yet, but every forum or person I talk with about the issues says to upgrade up to an Adjustable Gas Block and it'll solve the issues