Double barrel shotgun


@phsycle , I had a Stoeger 12ga o/u and shot some skeet with it. I always liked how it handled but sold it a few years later as my shooting interested changed. I never had an issues with it but didn't put enough shells through it to comment on reliability.

I should also mention though that I prefer the Mossberg 500 to the Rem 870. So we may have different tastes.


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I would take a look at the CZ Bobwhite (double-triggers, English stock) and the CZ Sharp-tail (single trigger, pistol grip stock) if looking for a good quality but affordable side-by-side. You're not going to impress anyone who sips Earl Grey while wearing a full tweed hunting outfit, but I don't think you'll be disappointed if you're wanting a good field gun.

The Bobwhite is the more affordable of the two and the only one I can speak about firsthand. The latest model is called the Bobwhite G2 which is more CNC'ed for reliability but with less bling. I own a Bobwhite (12GA) and a Bobwhite G2 (20GA) and I have to say the first generation is just a nicer looking gun (had a color-case hardened receiver, etc) -- the G2 is rather plain but functional. However, they're both good shotguns and have been reliable for me (used mainly for dove and quail). Come in a plastic case to hold the broken down components along with 5 factory screw-in chokes (Beretta/Benelli compatible). Both have chrome-moly barrels (safe to use steel shot, won't rust, but love collecting fingerprints). My only complaint with the CZs would be that the triggers are heavy from the factory.


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I want one when I exit the camper. Nothing creates a pucker factor quite like seeing a double barrel pointed at ya.
That would only work on reasonable people, and if they were reasonable people, you wouldn't need to be exiting your camper to point it at them in the first place.

I have lost count of the number of times that I have seen offenders failing to follow even the most basic instructions while being confronted at gunpoint by numerous police officers, under the immediate and extremely explicit threat of getting shot.


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True, but the sound of buckshot being jacked into a 12 gauge pump helps stupid people make informed decisions.
Another old wive's tale, usually told within the context of a felon breaking into an occupied residence. Reasonable people do not break into occupied residences, and it could very easily be a fatal mistake to assume that unreasonable people are going to care at all what kind of sound your firearm makes.

If you take it out, you damned well better be ready to take human life with it, right now...


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The same thing goes for warning shots- the only warning shots I'll ever fire, will be fired into the first felon, as a warning to any subsequent felons.

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I have an 870 and a Berratta Silver Pigeon o/u. Personally, i dont like side by sides, i find them a little unweildy, sadly, the closest you might get to an 870 on cost is with something like a mossberg semi auto, although the earlier suggestion for an old weatherby is a great idea. The Citori is a good solid tool, and can be bought used from just about anywhere for a decent price. But a used berretta is still going to cost a few BTU’s (Basic Toy Unit = $1,000). It seem silly that a high tech handgun will cost $600 but a halfway decent skeet shotgun starts at $3k, and QUICKLY goes up from there.

My suggestion, check for estate sales and see if you can find that mythical deal with the little old lady.

Or, to make yourself a bit sad, but better educated, check out these two websites: (used) (pre-owned)

One last thing, trap guns and skeet guns are radically different. Skeet guns are more versatile and are what i would recommend. You can distinguish between them because the rib along the top for sighting is raised up on a trap gun, sometimes raised by a LOT.


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Also, for over-unders, there are two types of safteys, i cant remember which is which, but one of them is extremely annoying. The annoying one engages the saftey every time you load and close up the breech. I think versions called “sporting” have this, but double check in that. This feature is helpful for bird hunting safely i suppose, but annoying as hell on the skeet range!