Door swap


Someone please throwdown some knowledge on me. Previous owner of my ambo let the passenger side door swing open causing damage to the leading edge of the door and the fender. Looks like fenders are readily available. My question in about the door - my guess it it will be easiest to get another door and have it sprayed. I have a 2000 E450 cut-away. What models and years have doors that will swap with mine?


The only difference between years is that at some point (2008?) the number of holes to mount the mirrors and its position changed.


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I think 2001-2002 went from 3 holes to 4.
I had a 1996 that was 3 and I've got a 2003 that's got 4 holes for the mirror mounts.


The front side and rear doors from 92-2014 are all interchangeable. The mirrors holes changed from 3 to 4 holes in 2003.


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I was wondering if it would be possible to convert a door from power windows/locks to manual? My drivers door has a bad dent and I have a spare door thats the guts just swap out?