Door latch help


Not sure where to post this so I will start here. I have a unicell box on my fuso. The rear of the vehicle has a large storage compartment. There is a handle in the middle that unmatched both sides. The problem is that it only unlatches one side. Not sure how to tackle this. I tried unscrewing the latch but it did no good. Possibly I need to take the lock out? Idk, but before I screw something up I thought I would ask here. Thanks for your thoughts.

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Im guessing you cannot open it??

Those types of latches either interact with the frame right (below) it or with linkage (rods) and pins to left and right sides.

If it has linkage, you will need to get the compartment open to disassemble the linkage in order to remove the latch.

If no linkage, removing the face mounted screws should allow removal. However some do have safety screws that prevent it from being THAT easy.


Yes it remains closed and there is no reasonable, maybe even no unreasonable, access to the inside. I see that I do have access to the strike pin on the side that is stuck. Possibly I can cut it off with a saws all and reattach one. I have a call into unicell the


not the same type of latch, I have compression llatches. My latches are at the top with hinge at bottom. Occasionally something inside will fall against the mechanism preventing opening.

Needs a mental picture of what's inside to move the lock so it applies pressure, open a bit (less than a half mm movement is sufficient), release pressure, close, and repeat. All in the hope that whatever is doing the jamming moves enough and stays put each time so it is progressively juggled out of the way. Its a case of feeling what's happening.Something soft, like spare engine water hose feels different to something harder like the folding table. Also how fast one jiggles - the latch and door can be moved faster than the jamming object. And finally there is that moment when it feels like sufficient force applied will unjam without damaging latch. Whatever is doing the jamming can be replaced..........

May the force be with you.


So with some help from unicell I got some info on how these work. I drilled out the bolts holding the lock and handle out hoping the rod snap pin had broken at the handle and could easily be replaced. . No such luck and all is attached and working at the handle. I will sawsall the strike pin (luckily exposed) on the offending side to get the door open. With the door open I can remove the inside panel and get to the entire assembly. I will buy a new strike pin and possibly entire latch assembly and reinstall. I have hopes that getting to the nut that holds the strike pin in place does not involve too much destruction. I won't know until I get there.


One of our fleet trucks had a simialr lock failure.
In the end, ended up cutting out the paddle assembly to reach thru the rectangular hole.
Lucky the control rod was still attached to the latch mechanism.
Otherwise, it would maybe tricky to reach in with a wire hook to release the side latch.

Good luck to you. Destructive entry is easy, doing it & minimise damages can be hard...
The rod is attached to the paddle handle. I expect it is not attached to the other end. Idk.