Don't Throw Your Life Away - Battling Marine Debris from Alaska to Panama


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Hi , been following your journey with great interest , good luck with what you decide do , but don't stop the photo's and writing from where ever you are , will keep watching and hope goes well for you .


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Good luck with your new adventures and I will miss the photos of Jenson.

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I miss reading your updates. Anything on your new adventures?
Wow, I can't believe it has been a year already.

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Time flies whether or not you're having fun. 2020 so far has been not all that exciting, go figure. In 2019 after the trip was over I also made trips to Cuba, Chile, and Mongolia, but hardly anyone knows about them, and I didn't share them here, on facebook, or instagram. I didn't have an actual narrative in mind when on those trips, two of which were with my mother and sister. I also felt like the trips were for our own amusement, not for public consumption especially as they were happening, and to be frank, they weren't "expeditions". No overlanding happened, or camping. Merely traveling and learning. I could share plenty now about them, but they don't seem to fit the spirit of the site quite the same way.

Jenson and I are now back in Colorado, and I suppose the next "adventure" is pursuing a commercial helicopter license. I feel very strongly that it's an occupation that would suit me well, and as it is necessarily nomadic in many ways, it will lead to more venturing out away from Colorado again. I'm so glad to hear a couple of you are still asking and wondering where we are, and I wish I had more to share as an ongoing adventure or a trip report. The XJ finally broke more than I wanted to deal with last summer coming back from UNRally motorcycle shenanigans in Oregon, and I've replaced it with a green 2002 Z71 Suburban and have been using it to aid in my motorcycle flipping side work. I did take a gal on a tour of southern Utah back in May, but again, that was for us. I could be convinced to write again here, I did enjoy it and interacting with you all. I don't think I'll be able to do a long, extended trip by road for some time, but if you have any ideas for smaller pieces, I'm listening. Hope you're all well.

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Glad you are doing well. Glad to see you are still taking adventures. I am sure your writings would make any travel very interesting.