Don't call it expedition white ... the next Pangaea truck: 04 DII

James Pierce

Hey! You didn't say anything about getting dirty when I signed up for the scout trip:sombrero: I'm sure that red mud looks great on tan interior.

Looks like it will be fun!


Sleeping in the Howling Moon Stargazer roof top tent. BTW - It's a great tent.... I'm super happy with it.

I'm looking forward to sleeping with it in warmer weather, when I can take off the rain fly and open up the roof panels

That could be a photo for an advertisement
My CR-V is silver, which is a nice color that hides dirt well, especially when it rains a lot and I can't get to washing it because of a busy work schedule. I prefer tan, off-white, olive, something like that.

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Dendy Jarrett

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I also am already using this as a screen saver. The shot with the RTT is awesome (even though the pic is fuzzy).


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Great rig, I love the set up. You must be in CO as I recognize some of the builders helping you. Good to see another Rover used here!


It's a small world! I was driving up I-70 to go scout for a deer hunt yesterday morning about 4:30 when this rig pulled up next to me. Great looking Discovery!