Don't Be A Tope.... Riding Mexico and Central America

In the fall of 2021 my girlfriend and I decided to ride our KTM 790 Adventure and 890 Adventure from Mazatlan, Mexico to Nicaragua and loop back to Mazatlan. We had roughly 25 days to complete the trip once we got to the ferry in La Paz. With COVID restrictions still in place we were not entirely sure what the borders would have in store for us (after all it is Central America).

For the past few years we have been traveling to southern Baja where we spend 4-6 weeks kite boarding in the fall. We had always talked about how "easy" it would be to trailer the bikes down with us and just hop on the ferry from La Paz to Mazatlan. We had a dog sitter lined up and figured it was go time. We tried to document the journey as best we could and we are sharing our experience here. As we edit the vlogs I will be posting them for others to enjoy and hopefully gain some knowledge if you may be looking to complete a similar journey.



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Guys would paint nipples on the tope signs back when I went. They'd paint something else on the deer signs.
It turned into a long summer work season so the vlogs were put on the back burner. But that's all behind us and here is Episode 6.

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We've been in Baja for the last 6 weeks and I forgot to bring the hard drive with me so edit videos. With that said, here is episode 9. In this episode, we cross two borders- El Salvador/Honduras and Honduras/Nicaragua and endure what was probably the most exhausting day of the trip. To top it off, we get caught in the dark and it starts raining.


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