Dometic Refrigerator RM 2193 pilot won't light


New member
We have a pop up tent trailer with a Dometic refrigerator (RM2193) that we purchased new 4 years ago. We've always struggled with turning it on with the propane, and can NEVER see the pilot light through the opening. We've just opened the trailer up to get it ready for this summer and after many attempts, cannot get it to light at all. The stove and heater work so we think the gas is getting to it. What might we be missing? I'd say we've only used the trailer less than 10 trips (long weekends), so it's not like anything could be worn out yet. I hope! Has anybody else experienced this? Thanks!


Its been a while since I have dealt with a RM2193, but I think you are correct, its a gas flow issue.


Spider or other tiny critter in the burner tube. It's happened to me a couple times when getting the rig ready for the first trip of the season.

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