Dometic Fridge Sale at Backcountry


Not sure where to post this bull I'll share it here. Backcountry is having a sale on a few of the older Dometic fridges. These are the entry level CF models and NOT the shiny CFX or CF3 models. They are basic models and they don't have the same features as the CFX but a fridge is a fridge and keeps things cool. Great option for those who don't care about Blu-tooth features or fancy LED screens. I don't know how long this sale will last for as backcountry discounts fluctuate frequently w/o rhyme or reason but the price is cheaper than what it was a few days ago.

Dometic CF35 - $384 (retail $769)
Dometic Dometic CF 35 Electric Cooler |

Dometic CF50 - $491 (retail $889)
Dometic Dometic CF 50 Electric Cooler |

Could be a good find for those looking for a basic truck fridge or maybe a reserve fridge/freezer for the house during these times. Hop on these while it lasts as the sales change frequently.


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Wow, the prices have really gone up. I payed $553 new with CA tax and shipping for my Dometic CFX-45W 2 years ago, the invoice didn't say it was on sale at the time.

I didn't look at the prices of the new CFX3-45 till now and damn, $1070 before tax ans shipping!

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Pure price gouging. Ali baba sells these fridges for $100 and change.
I don't think that they will be selling the CFX3 range at that price because some shops haven't even got the new CFX3 range in stock yet,