Dokio 200 watt foldable panel with controller


I just ordered the 100w version. It should be here on Friday and I'm hoping to get down to Moab for a camping trip soon. I'll post back after a few days of use. Hoping that the 100w will be enough to keep my secondary battery charged while powering my fridge and recharging my laptop.


testing in Moab, seems to be working pretty well. I'm currently charging my laptop and the fridge is running. It's just about full sun today and the sun is not quite directly overhead, I've got the panels closely matched to the angle of the sun. I'm getting about 55 watts (4 amps @ 13.5v). Less than what they claim but I've read that these thin flexible panels aren't as efficient as the hard ones and it's also a PWM controller. I might look at upgrading to a MPT controller down the road but right now this seems like it will be OK for my power needs to keep my 2nd battery topped off.


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I have had the Dokio 100 watt panel for about a year, I've used it to keep my aux battery in my truck charged while running the fridge in the truck bed. only real test so far, it kept the G24 fully charged while parked for 5 days last March in BBRSP. I'm pleased with the performance of the panel so far, will just have to see how long it lasts.

The included wires are no bigger than 12 gauge and as delivered there's too much wire between the controller and the battery.

IMO, the included controller is junk and I don't use it. Instead I'm using an old Sunsaver 10, mounted in the engine compartment with a 10 gauge SAE connector to connect the panel.